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Camo Patterns

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Default Camo Patterns

This is my first year hunting so i am buying camo and i have been going back and forth. I live in maryland and will be hunting deer with muzzle loader and shotgun and also waterfowl. Im trying to get everyones opion about patterns. I like the Advantage Max 4. it looks like it should work for hunting deer in the falland winter in a tree stand and also for waterfowl on the ground. Any help about what everyone wears and opions would be great.
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Default RE: Camo Patterns

It's a whole lot more important to blend in with the environment when duck hunting than deer hunting. Ducks can see a lot better than deer and if you are out of place, you can forget it. Of course if you are hunting in a blind, the pattern may not beas important. I do a lot of duck hunting out of blinds, soit's very important that I wear a pattern that blends in with the environment. This is whyI love Natural Gear camo. It's a neutral color, so it blends injust about anysituation and itdoesn't stand out like a black blob from a distance like some camo patterns do. I wear it for deer, duck, and turkey. Early in bow season when everything is green, I sometimes wear Mossy Oak Obsession, but if you are high enough or in a blind, box stand, or tripod, it really doesn't matter what you wear. You can wear pink and yellow and be just fine, though people would start to wonder about you a little. Deer are going to focus more on movement. As long as you are still, just about any camo pattern will work. Whatever looks good to you will be fine for deer hunting. Take a look at Nat Gear though.
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Default RE: Camo Patterns

We're required to wear a blaze orange vest at least 400 sq. inches and a solid blaze orange cap herefor Illinois firearm seasons. I don't bother with camo to firearm deer hunt.No need for it when you put on that vest. Go with a good camo for waterfowl and don't worry about it for deer huntingunless your state does not reqiure the orange.
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Default RE: Camo Patterns

Just make sure that your camo suits the area you hunt. It's not so much the color but the break up of the solid shape.
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Default RE: Camo Patterns

Natgear.... Anytime... Anywhere...
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Default RE: Camo Patterns

Even though I don't wear it, I think Alpenflage would work very well in fall. Its standard for the Swiss Army

And for winter, just use blaze orange. Keeps you safe and the deer can't see it anyways.
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Default RE: Camo Patterns

I wear what's on sale and killed deer every year.
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Default RE: Camo Patterns

I agree with Ruger. I have items from Cabelas, Bass Pro and Wal-Mart...I mix and match alot of different camos, only on occasion do I wear the tops and bottoms with the same patterns. (exception is my cold weather gear I bought on sale at Cabelas).

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Default RE: Camo Patterns

Yep. Clearance sales are my friends.
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Default RE: Camo Patterns

Predator outperforms them all. Everything else is just a blob....
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Quick Reply: Camo Patterns

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