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hunting caliber

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Default hunting caliber

HI, i have made my decision an im gonna buy a remington 700 in a .25-06! just for deer and varmit hunting and was wondering what yall think bout this caliber and whats the recoil like i havent never shot a .25-06 before thanks!
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Default RE: hunting caliber

Good buddy of mine, H.J., has an older Styer chambered for 25.06 Rem. I hand load for him using 120 gr. Nosler Partitions at about 2900 fps. This has proven to be a fine set-up for white tail deer and did a fine job on our two trips to Montana hunting mulies. He was 2 for 2 ... 1 at about 145 yards and 1 at about 300 yards. If you do not hand-load, no problem. There are several choicesof great factory ammo out there.I would stay 100 gr. or better for deer.
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Default RE: hunting caliber

I have a Tikka that my wife has killed several deer with.6 that I can think of. She has no problem with it. I love it!
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Default RE: hunting caliber

Good choice, I've never shot a .25-06 but I have that gun in a 30-06 and I love it as much today as I did when I bought it new in 1976.
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Default RE: hunting caliber

It is a good cartridge for deer hogs and varmints, i just put one together at the first of this year and have been very impressed with it. You won't have any problems with it...I put mine together more for long range shooting than anything else but I have taken a couple hogs and a couple yote's thus far and it puts em down right there!!!!

Recoil: Mine has very low recoil but it is heavy (heavy barrel and heavy laminate stock)which helps greatly with recoil. However,I don't think the standard rifle willhave that much more recoil at all...
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Default RE: hunting caliber

Its a great round. An old friend of mines brother uses one and it takes deer cleanly with well placed shots. It can also be used for varmints.
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Default RE: hunting caliber

IMO, the 243 or 260 might be a better choice due to less recoil and better bullet selection in those calibers. The 25-06 is a fine round and will work for what you want, but it is just not what I would choose because those other two rounds exist. Enjoy.
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Default RE: hunting caliber

25-06 is a great deer round, bit of overkill for varmints though. Probably the second best if not best dual purpose cartridge. (Second to the 257 Roberts)
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Default RE: hunting caliber

25-06 is a good choice. You will probably have a little more recoil than the .243, but it is by no means harsh.
Hope you have fun with it.
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Default RE: hunting caliber

I just went through a similar decision making process during the past few weeks (looking for a deer / varmit rifle). two days ago, I bought a Remington 700 Mountain SSin .243. I chose the .243due toselection and price ofammo. 100 gr is perfect for deer / lopes and the 55gr is great for predators. I view the 25-06 as the perfect long range deer / lope rifle but a bit much on varmit.
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