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C'Mere Deer

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Default RE: C'Mere Deer

I had it out two days and the deer where hitting it like a kid in a candy storeI have pic that the deer love it.
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Default RE: C'Mere Deer

I have used the liquid spray and sprayed it on some alfalfa and they tore that part of the field up. But I think its a waste money. The deer were hitting it at night from what I could tell.
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Default RE: C'Mere Deer

The C'Mere is gold. I cant believe so many people have had bad luck with it. I got it in the spray bottle. In an area where I just had a pile of corn about a square yard. One day I spray alot right in the center of the pile. 2 days later they had dug TO THE DIRT. Yet there was corn evrywhere aroudn the edge of the pile. Actually the rest hadnt really been touched.

The Buck Grub, worked ok. Brought a few more deer in.
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Default RE: C'Mere Deer

It's about as affective as salt water, but cost a lot more. Here is an experiment for someone with too much money.
Buyc'mere deer and then get a container or something like Mortons salt. Spread them on the ground about 10' apart, then set up a trail cam over it and see which they like more. If I were a betting man, I would be that after the first rain, they will either hit both equally, or the salt more.
I just don't have the $25 to waste on C'mere deer
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A friend of mine was told by a man who owned a large deer farm that the only attractive he has ever seen that deer would eat over corn and sweet feed was acorn rage. Personally, I use nothing but corn.
I believe that 100%. I used a bag of Acorn Rage(1) 40lb bag that will mix with 200lb of corn. I noticed 200+ of trail cam pictures up until the feeder ran near empty. I refilled the feeder (200lb of corn) no Rage mix and my pictures went down by 100. I again refilled and mixed Rage and deer traffic came back. That's all I use now. All together I spend $40.00 a month on feed and it's well worth it to me.
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Default RE: C'Mere Deer

if u read the labe it says use on favorite deer attractant. it says that fora reason. i had a buddy that sprayed it on corn, after the deer ate the corn he said "man this stuff really works" we laughd called him a dumbass and informed him they already ate the corn. use deer cocane its the best ive tried so far
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Default RE: C'Mere Deer

tried both and didnt have any success. the liquid stuff turned also turned the leaves and plants yellow
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Default RE: C'Mere Deer

I've never heard anyone say that either worked any good in my area. I have made my own mineral licks for years, and they will normally hit that over anything else other than natural food sources.
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Default RE: C'Mere Deer

I've heard good reviews for Acorn Rage. One thing to be aware of with some of these attractants such as Buck Jam, Sweet corn, etc. is that bear are attracted to these more than deer in my experiences.
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Default RE: C'Mere Deer

In about a 6 X 6 areaspread a 50 lb bag of corn on the ground. Try to make sure it is in a well covered tree canopy area to try to keep it as dry as possible and to make the deer feel secure.. Then sprinkle a 5.5lb bag of Acorn Rage all over the corn. Get you trail camera ready -- I got 158 pics of deer in 2 days! I averaged 150 per week with just corn in the same method/same areaand no Acorn Rage. Don't use the rage by itself, the combo is the trick.
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