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12Ga vs. 20ga slugs>>

Old 07-18-2008, 07:01 AM
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Default 12Ga vs. 20ga slugs>>

Im planning on getting a slug gun, Whats the peformance, stopping power differences between the 12ga and the 20ga??
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Default RE: 12Ga vs. 20ga slugs>>

I replied in your other thread. I recommended that you consider a 20 gage, as they offer performance that is very good these days and more than you need for deer hunting.
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Default RE: 12Ga vs. 20ga slugs>>

20g has an edge due to reduced recoil and a quicker second shot.
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Default RE: 12Ga vs. 20ga slugs>>

In flight ballistics willusually bevirtually the same between a 20 and 12 with the same bullet being used out of the same length shell... IE)both 3" shells firing the Barnes tipped expander bullet.However the 12 gauge projectile will be considerably heavier for more kinetic energy down range.

There are some slug loads, such as Hornady, that the 12 gauge starts out about 200 fps faster than the 20 so the 12 will obviously have better in flight ballistics.

The 12 gauge has a distinctive edge in velocity, range of projectiles available, range of factory loads available, availability at stores, energy on target.

IMHO unless you are young and/or of small build I would get a 12 gauge.
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Default RE: 12Ga vs. 20ga slugs>>

As long as you are not a smaller person i would go with the 12. Longer range and more power.
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Default RE: 12Ga vs. 20ga slugs>>

A 12 gauge can fling a heavier bullet, it might give you some more range and has more knockdown power. If you hit a deer with a 20 gauge they are just as dead and you don't beat yourself up as much. I have both barrels for my Encore and prefer shooting the 20 gauge.
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Default RE: 12Ga vs. 20ga slugs>>

27 years of hunting with the 12ga. and last year I brought the H&R Ultra Deleuxe in 20ga., the 20ga. with todays high tech slugs will equal if not out performe a 12ga. period.Get yourself a 20ga.
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Default RE: 12Ga vs. 20ga slugs>>

I myself would go with the 12 gauge unless like the earlier poster stated your concerned about recoil because yourelderly or have intentions of your wife or one of the kids to use it.
My son and I hunt together, we have 12 gauges and it makes it handy that we have the samesizein case somebody forgottheir shells at home or whatever. So that might be a determining factor.
The 20 guage will more than do the job, but like I told my son as wereload our revolvers with heavy bullets for the upcoming season, why throw a tennis ball if you can hit the same spot with a bowling ball?

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Default RE: 12Ga vs. 20ga slugs>>

I have 2 slug guns. One is a H&R USH 20ga and the other is a Savage 210F 12 gauge. I have the 20ga sighted in for 50 yards and my Savage is sighted in for 100yards. Both knock the snot out of deer. I doubt the deer will be able to tell if u shot it with a 12 or 20ga.
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Default RE: 12Ga vs. 20ga slugs>>

Other than range, KE, and range of options the only real advantage a 12 gage has is that honkin' chunk of lead it throws, and it won't kill a deer better or deader. Most places where you find deer don't lend themselves well to long shots, the 12 is heavier and kicks harder, and the shells are often far more expensive too. My 20 is my go to gun for deer and pretty much any other game since I'm just a shell and choke choice away from anything I hunt. Unless you hunt over long open fields 90% of the time I'd go with the 20 gage.
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Quick Reply: 12Ga vs. 20ga slugs>>

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