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Did i scare him away?

Old 07-06-2008, 04:19 PM
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Default Did i scare him away?

I was out checking my camera today decided to move it to the other side of the field and as i waas leaving a small buck got up outta the corn field and ran then i knowticed a much larger buck 10pt around 18-20wide just wondering if he will still be around that same area or not or did i run him off not sure if the bigger buck seen me or not as he ran after the smaller one took off
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Old 07-06-2008, 04:38 PM
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Default RE: Did i scare him away?

If you mean, did you scare him off permanently with this being the extent of the encounter, I doubt that you've spooked him off for good. Though he might stay away for a week or so from a particular bedding spot that he felt safe in, ifyou stay away from the area and there is no evidence to the buck that people are in the immediate area, he'll most likely return to the area.
Deer like many animals are creatures of habit and tend to return to feed, bed and other attivities in areas their familar with. They also like places where they have multiple options on how to enter and exit. Play it right and you may well have another chance at him in the fall.
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Default RE: Did i scare him away?

One time probably won't scare him away long, but if he is pressured many times he will either change his feeding area or he will go noctunal. I would limit my camera checking to once in about 3 or more weeks and visit the camera site at noon.
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Default RE: Did i scare him away?

Good points already made. Look at it this way ... you had the camera in the area to see what was hanging around. Now you know that there is a mature 10 point using the area. Sure, it'll show up all over the place, but at least it has come here once for sure. Maybe a good idea would to be to stay out and come back rut time.

I will offer this concerning "nocturnal" deer. Three of us here had 1000's of images on our combined 11 trail cameras before last season started. We cooperated with one another and moved these around on the 3100 acres we hunt. We are 100% certain we captured 17 different mature bucks that were 10 point or better, including two absolutely awesome bucks. We had a combined 311 images of these big boys. Even though these images were taken before the season started, i.e. before any hunting pressure, only one image of any of these was captured in daytime hours. Unless some one hunting near us bagged one or more of these, 15 made it through the season.
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Default RE: Did i scare him away?

he'll be back
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Default RE: Did i scare him away?

Unless you ran afterthem yelling battle criesand shooting a flare gun at them, you'll be fine. Deer get spooked all the time, most of the time you never know they were even there. Just don't make a habit out of it and you'll be fine.
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Default RE: Did i scare him away?

I doubt you spooked him for good. If anything he might go nocturnal. maybe stay out of the area for awhile, and when you go back try to be scent free by using latex gloves so you don't leave scent on the camera, also maybe get some carbon spray for your clothing.
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