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Am I lying to myself?

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Default RE: Am I lying to myself?

Right now the bucks around these parts hang out in bachelor groups. They do little roaming and rarely go where the does and fawns hang out. Come fall, those bucks will split up and go wherever they can find a "wife". LOL!
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Default RE: Am I lying to myself?

ORIGINAL: refross

I have 500 pictures of deer on my hunting spot, and only 2 are pictures of a buck in velvet (the same buck). I do have pictures of 3 different fawns with there mothers, and I believe that there is at least 1 more fawn in the area. I also have a couple of pictures of does being aggressive to “something” off camera.

I’m telling myself that because I’ve created a perfect nursery, the does are chasing away any other deer, including the bucks. I’m also telling myself that come October and November, these does will stay in the area and the bucks will come looking for them!!

So, am I lying to myself?
x2 all i have are doe's with fawns right now. like others have mentioned, where there's doe's...there will be bucks! all these doe's will be coming back into heat right around hunting season which will draw in the bucks.
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Default RE: Am I lying to myself?

It has been mentioned already, but I was going to touch on the does being with the fawns, and thats buck fawns too.... and the other bucks bing in their bachelor groups. They will not be around the does yet... not for a little while longer. They are out roaming the woods eating and getting fat for the rut.

The does are starting to get in the more aggressive mode and starting to try to run the fawns off. Buck and doe.... because of the competitave drive for food. That is the main reason the does rare up and fight. They are very aggressive about food in the coming months because of the rut coming up.

Yes, they do have a dominance heirarchy in their own groups, but that is usually already established, and not often challenged. So the fights are for food, and to run off the young bucks.

In august the bucks will start being seen a bit more, but don't ever think you will see all your bucks. Last year, I got about 750-1000 pics a week. I only saw about 6 different bucks. 3 were mature. Only one of the bucks was killed by me during the season, and we saw on stand probably half a dozen nice bucks that no one ever got any pics of. One 10 pt buck was never seen until Dec...

So just be patient and don't worry ..... you're doing ok.

God Bless


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Default RE: Am I lying to myself?


Hold out for a Buck...the Does will draw them in,if not....then after a few days pop a couple of Doe's for sometension release!
I’m primarily a meat hunter, so I do take does. My preferred 1st deer is a 6-7 month old doe with a bow. They are easy to carry, cool, and process quickly; and most important to me, THEY TASTE SO DAM GOOD!!! So I know I have plenty of venison veal to choose from.

Once I have my meat in the freezer, I sit in my tree and wait for a worthy buck.

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Default RE: Am I lying to myself?

its true... the boyz will be wherethe girlz are...cull several of those does to get a better herd ratio and something for the fridge
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Default RE: Am I lying to myself?

I agree with all the comments the bucks will come.
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