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7mm rem mag

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Default 7mm rem mag

I just bought a 7mm rem mag Savage with the accutrigger. I am wondering what bullet, brand, grain, people have had success with as far as with deer hunting and accuracy.
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Default RE: 7mm rem mag

I dont own a 7mag.. but my buddy has one and used 140 .. said they went through a deer too fast not causing enough damage so he went to a 160, dunno if that helps but something to think on..
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Default RE: 7mm rem mag

My rem mag shoots 14o-160 grains bullets very accurately. The best shooter is 150gr Nosler ballistic tips, this also happens to be my choice for deer. Accurate and works very well for my situation. If I were hunting where shots of 200+ weren't a real possibility I would pass on the expansion designed polymer tipped/boattail designed bullets.
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Default RE: 7mm rem mag

I have a savage rifle in 7mm mag and Iuse 175gr winchester power points some say too big but all my deer dont go too far.
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Default RE: 7mm rem mag

Best advice I can give is only "second hand". I do not own, nor regularly shoot, a rifle chambered for 7 mm Rem. Mag. But I have 4 hunting buddies that do, and I have helped each one of them along the way over the years sight in their rifles at the range. And have hunted along side most of them for 20+ years ... mule deer, white tail and feral hogs.

As you probably know, every rifle is unique when it comes to which bullet and "load" groups the best. From my experience, unless you are good at hand-loading, the best route to go would be one of the so called "premium" loads. The guys I hunt with almost to the person use factory ammo loaded with bullets in the 150-175 gr. weight. Unless you plan to hand load, I'd try at least 3 different factory loads. Remember that the muzzle velocity of a 7 mm Rem. Mag. is blistering fast, so any close range shots will truly test a bullet's ability to hold together. Though a "bonded" bullet or something like a Partition might seem "too tough" for white tail, these sorts of bullets will at least mitigate fragmenting a on short range shots and almost always result in a pass though shot with a tremendous wound channel.
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Default RE: 7mm rem mag

I use the 7mag and have really become fond of the Fusion bullet. I hunt a lot of open county and have a good chance of a shot over 300 and the bonded bullet gives me the best down range accuracy with penetration. Not to mention the price is excellant.

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Default RE: 7mm rem mag

Been shooting and reloading for my Savage 7 mm mag. for over 20 years. Mine likes loads with a 150 gr. bullet. If you are buying store bought, spend the little extra for rounds with Nolsar Partition bullets or Acubond. You'll appreciate the difference.
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Default RE: 7mm rem mag

There is really no such thing as "too fast to expand!" That is, assuming that the bullet is designed to expand in animals that you are shooting! I shot 2 bucks a couple of years ago with heavy 7MM RM loads. The bullets zipped right through, leaving very little damage and no blood trail! I was lucky enough to recover both bucks.
I started thinking about the "too fast" theory. But, if you think about it, the faster a bullet is moving, the faster and better the expansion will be!
The real problem is that Whitetails are light skinned game and most of the heavier bullets are designed to penetrate and expand on much larger animals!
Still, the 7MM RM is an excellent Whitetail cartridge. I would recomend a 139/140 grain bullet with a softer type of point, designed to expand on lighter game. Just don't go too far in this direction! The ballistic tips are known for too much expansion and not enough penitration!
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Default RE: 7mm rem mag

"But, if you think about it, the faster a bullet is moving, the faster and better the expansion will be!"

I HIGHLY disagree....but thats your theory

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Default RE: 7mm rem mag

150 core lokt's.
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