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question from new hunter

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Default question from new hunter

why do you typically hunt deer early in the morning and late in the day? Is that when they're moving the most? Do you hunt turkey the same time as well?
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Default RE: question from new hunter

I stay in the woods all day deer hunting. I've shot just as many deer in the middle of the day as I have in the morning and eve.
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Default RE: question from new hunter

well it depends on which time of year it is. if it is the rut the bucks run all day. if it is foggy, or there is a big storm coming then they will come out earlier and stay out later. the fact about deer is that they are primarily nocternal animals, in shooting hours they move the most in the early and late hours. your bigger buck may not even get up till it is dark, but it usually depends on how much human sent is in the woods.
turkeys can be hunted in early and late hours if you are hunting their roost, but turkeys are up walking around all day, making them easy to hunt all day. most turkeys roost in the same general spots they did the day before making a early morning and late evening hunt a good hunt as they come or go.
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Default RE: question from new hunter

Typicaly yes deer tend to move more early and late. But if you can stand it stay all day. Many of good bucks are taken late morning and early afternoon. You can't kill them if you ain't thereTurkeys tend to talk more in the mornings and as stated above will usually roost in the same area night after night. Good Luck with you hunting.

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Default RE: question from new hunter

Yes....Deer seem to move more in the early mornings wether it is to feed or they have been moving all night and are head to their bedding areasand then they come out in the late evenings to start feeding after they have bedded down,but you can still see movement during the mid-day at times and still get a chance at a deer.During the Rut you have a chance at seeing Bucks chasing Does at any time so you'd better beready for any kind of action then.

Turkeys are a totally different type of Game Animal to be hunting,they don't move at night but will Roost in the last evenings and stay up in a tree all night then fly down in the mornings and feed or look for hens to breed in the Spring.Here in Missouri you can only shoot a Tom (Male Turkey) in the Spring hunting season and you can only hunt them from 30 minutes til sunrise (around 6:30 AM) to 1:00 PM so your time is limited.
During the Fall Turkey Season I think you can hunt Tom's or Hens...not sure about the 6:30 to 1:00 time limit because I haven't hunted them in the fall with a shotgun?
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Default RE: question from new hunter

i agree with gtohunter, thereseems to be a10:30 to 1:00 deer movement, it isn't as common as early morning or evening. anytime i go hunting i sit from pre light to post light, but that is just me, i don't like to miss anything. most hunters miss this movement as they leave before 9:00.

one thing that remains certian is that each time you enter the woods just consider that one less buck walking around in shooting light.
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Default RE: question from new hunter

I have to agree all day hunting is the way to go. I've taken bucks at various times during the day from dawn til dusk and they do change thier patterns depending on the weather. The best advice I can give is to scout your area and learn thier movement patterns and where they like to go when the weather gets bad. Deer have differnt personalities .They all have thier favorite routes of escape and dailyroutines.Try still hunting or stalking . It takes time but it's well worth it!You will learn alot about thier patterns and movement on thier own turf. Favorite runways,feed, rublines ect..,and will get to see alot of other animals as well! Morning is the best time to go out and dusk is the best time to come in!
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Default RE: question from new hunter

For Texas Whitetal deer we say :

Big buck's are moving while hunters are taking a siesta (Nap)

Some timesi like to stay at myspot from 6am to 6pm .

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