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Is a 223 to small for deer?

Old 01-08-2008, 11:39 AM
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Default RE: Is a 223 to small for deer?

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I love the huge swings in opinions lol I personally wouldn't use anything smaller than a 243 if you can use a 223 and you don't try stupid long range shots then go right ahead.

P.S. Is it legal to use armor piercing rounds on deer? My friend somehow got a hold of some and wondered if you could use them. Of course we can't in Ohio but just wondered.
Armor piercing ammo is not a good choice for any game. I'm sure he didn't buy them over the counter, and I wouldn't want to get caught using them and explaining where I got them. They are made for shooting through cars and trucks and bullet proof vest,not game, it would leave a small hole with no expantion. If your buying a rifle just for Deer go bigger.
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Old 01-08-2008, 11:40 AM
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Default RE: Is a 223 to small for deer?

Are you trying to stir up a pissing match? Seriously, I see you have posted almost 400 times on this forum. Surely you have seen this debate OVER AND OVER AND OVER again

If not, then to answer your question....YES! A 223 is plenty adequate for deer with proper bullet placement and the right bullet.

Unless of course you are hunting those armor plated deer I hear so much about on this forum.
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Old 01-08-2008, 11:59 AM
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Default RE: Is a 223 to small for deer?

Get out the popcorn!
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Old 01-08-2008, 11:59 AM
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Default RE: Is a 223 to small for deer?

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I am torn between the Mini 14 and the mini 30. I would like the mini 14 for the range and speed, but dont like how small it is, I would like the mini 30 for its size, but not real impressed with the ballistics, however the larger bullet would be great.. I work with a guy that has a mini 14 (223) and he has killed alot of deer with it, he says it will kill them grave yard dead, most dont even run off. He says he has killed out to 250 yards and never had a problem..
Last year I killed a 6 point with a .223, and he ran about 35 yards and fell over. I have heard more than a few Mini-14 owners gripe about the accuracy of their weapon, so you might want to look at other firearms in this caliber. My .223 is a Saiga(AK variant) and they are not famous for their pinpoint accuracy. I got lucky, mine shoots 1.5-2MOA depending on my ammo, so I'm not going to shoot much further than 100 yards at anything except a coyote. Shooting out to 250, 1.5MOA gets to be a pretty big difference, so I wouldn't do it, but that's just me. The 7.62x39 round has dismal ballistics out past 200 yards. I have a single-shot in that caliber that I use as a brush gun, where my shots are all within 50 yards or so. If most of your shots are around 70, it is a good round in the right weapon.
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Default RE: Is a 223 to small for deer?

I've never shot a deer with a rifle, so maybe I'll talking "out of school", but... as devistating as a .223 is on a large woodchuck (turns the 1/2 of the inside of a woodchuck into jelly) why would that same principal work for a lung shot?There is someone I know in my town that helps a rancher up north in the fall calving.. he says theyhead-shot dozens of deer with varmint bullets and hasn't had one get away yet.He said they drop like a sack of potatoes. I've watched some u-tube videos of professional deer shooters (thinning heards out of urban areas) and they all drop immediately too? Just my 2c
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Default RE: Is a 223 to small for deer?

It is fine for deer.. So was my little 222.. My nephew is still mad at me for selling it.. But He was ok after I bought him a 243. .
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Default RE: Is a 223 to small for deer?

I grew up in Texas and my first deer rifle was a remington mohawk 600 .222
I killed and recovered all of the deer I shot with it ( probably 5). But I wouldn't recommend it either.
243 would be the smallest I would use.....happens to be the second rifle I used.....great rifle
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Default RE: Is a 223 to small for deer?

I've seen whitetails go down with the little ole 22 hornet. I wouldn't use anything much smaller than 260 but that's my opinion.
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Default RE: Is a 223 to small for deer?

I guess a .22 would be good under the right conditions but why?
Stick to ethical hunting. Right weapon for the right game.

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Default RE: Is a 223 to small for deer?

My girlfriend shoots a Mini-14 .223 and she has killed 2 deer each year the last 5 years. I sight it in for her at 100 yards and it is very accurate to that distance. I doubt she would ever take a shot that long though. Most of the time they go down on the spot or just a short run. This year we had to track one maybe 50 yards into the brush, but I've had to do that using my .270. It is a fine gun for deer with proper shot placement and short to mid range shots.

I saw a thread a while back about using .410 slugs and there were those who were about ready to fight to defend the .410 for deer hunting. If a .410 is OK, a .223 is better.
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Quick Reply: Is a 223 to small for deer?

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