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Finishing off a deer

Old 11-26-2007, 03:19 PM
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Default Finishing off a deer

Well, I had a first on Saturday: I had to finish off a deer I had shot that had sought shelter in some tall grass/brush about 50 yards or so from where I shot it. I was tracking it (read: walking in the direction in which I 'guessed' it had gone ) and found it about 10 yards in front of me in the brush. It was lying down and just looked at me and made to attempt to get away. I used my rifle to finish it off, but hated to have to use a .30-06 at close range. I've read that one should shoot it in the head behind the ear, but I thought that was going to be awfully messy, so I just went for a heart/lung shot.

I've got a Walther P22 I could bring along for such occasions, but might have to research whether or not it's OK to possess such a weapon while hunting.
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Default RE: Finishing off a deer

I know the feeling. That was me my first year hunting. It makes you feel really bad. At least for me it did.
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Default RE: Finishing off a deer

I believe you can buy subcaliber sabots for 30-06 which are normally used for varmint hunting. Now that you brought it up I think I will start carrying something like that just in case. Easier than carrying a pistol.
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Default RE: Finishing off a deer

I had to use a knife once due to a rifle jam...trust me, I would much rather have shot it in the head.
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Default RE: Finishing off a deer

If you feel bad about it , mabe you did it wrong. I dont mind a lung shot, it kills them and not much damage. I use my knife a few times a year too.Be carefull so you dont get kicked or horned. Cut on the left side of the neck, DO NOT CUT THE WIND PIPE.
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Default RE: Finishing off a deer

ORIGINAL: furgitter

Cut on the left side of the neck, DO NOT CUT THE WIND PIPE.
Just out of curiosity, why is this?
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Default RE: Finishing off a deer

dont want to hear a deer gargling as he dies
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Default RE: Finishing off a deer

lucky me ive never had to do that, i hope i never have to...
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Default RE: Finishing off a deer

I had to finish one off up close and personal. It was a moving experience for me as it was the culmination of a 4 hour track through some of the worst stuff I've ever dragged my hide. I had made a poor shot and crippled it's front left leg. When I came upon it there was no more running.... it had laid down and waited.
I was a little overcome with the finality of it and being almost on top of it for the coup de grace was a new experience for me.
I'd do it again if I had to, but would rather not have to.
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Default RE: Finishing off a deer

I haven't been deer hunting in almost 9 years now due to an experience I had on a hunting trip where I had to put down a deer that had been shot by my uncle's now ex-buddy. Until that day I had never seen a deer shot more than once. When I, or anyone I knew, would hunt we would give the deer plenty of time to run off and expire peacefully. This guy literally chased after this doe repeatedly immediately after shooting her. As soon as a shot rang off he was up running after her - literally.I finally got to the guy after the 6th shot, and told him he needed to stop. We waited 30 minutes before I approached her, and he had chased her so damn much she was pumped with adrenaline apparently as she was still alive much to my amazement. I took care of her as quickly as possible with a .25 pistol I had with me.

I was 14 at the time. What I saw when I walked up to her was enough to make me not want to hunt until the past few weeks when I've started getting theurge again.

Sorry you had to experience that, but it easily could've been a lot worse as my story shows. I hope never to have to experience a second shot again in my lifetime.
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