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Rules of a hunting club????

Old 11-25-2007, 09:29 AM
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Default Rules of a hunting club????

How many of you guys are in a hunting club and could you post some of your rules that you have. MY brother in law and i have started a club and I we did not set any kind of rules for this year and we have some really nice deer on our lease and we want to manage the place for quality bucks and turkeys. any help would be appreciated.
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Old 11-25-2007, 11:10 AM
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Default RE: Rules of a hunting club????

I've been in a lot of clubs, some good and some bad. It is going to depend on what your views on hunting are, as it is your club. Just remember you can over "rule" your club to the point it is not fun. Keep your member numbers as low as possible and have a strict limit on the guest (zero is the best number).
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Default RE: Rules of a hunting club????

Hunting Club Rules - Lucky Buck Hunting Club
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Default RE: Rules of a hunting club????

no bucks under 8 points.unless massive 6 pointer.that one of r main rules in my club iam in.
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Old 11-25-2007, 05:45 PM
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Default RE: Rules of a hunting club????

6 points or better in our camp.
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Default RE: Rules of a hunting club????

8 pts. only, unless a major 6

sight in weapon before season

we have a whiteboard that has every hunters location

must wear blaze orange to and from hunting stand- hunters perogative as to how he uses it in the stand

if a hunter thinks he missed a deer, we have two people check the blood trail

just general stuff, but you guys are right, you can "over rule" your camp to where it is no longer fun.
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Default How to share the land?

Im looking for methods other hunting clubs use for sharing the land as well as deer stand rules. We have some hunters in our private hunting club who keep their stands up year round to reserve some of the best spots. When asked to take them down after the season, they do but then set the stand up immediately next year in the same spot. They also tell other members, you know where Ill be. Which is their way of saying to stay away. Weve spoken of lotteriy systems to pick the key spots. Weve also spoken of erecting permanent stands to share to eliminate personal stand reservations. Lots of contraversy. How do the rest of you handle it?
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Old 11-01-2018, 01:01 PM
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Obviously the minimum set of rules you can go by would be to follow state regulations. In Florida, we have a Spring and Fall Turkey season. But in the hunting club the rule is no fall harvest of Turkey. So that sucks, but in the end it’s worth it because of the Turkey population and the size of the Toms that are harvested. You can do whatever you want. I would definitely suggest keeping member numbers down if the money allows for it. My club has about 5200 acres and we have 52 members. So that’s ridiculous and when the hunting starts, it’s almost over because of the pressure. Just because the state has it regulations you can make your own. If you want the deer population to stay the way it is or be better have each member take only one or two bucks and 1 or two does. Then you can continue to make inventory and go from there for the following years. I would love to be able to be a club president and run the show but it’s a lot of work and do the best to please everyone. But again if you have some good friends or some family members that can join in, y’all won’t have to worry about anything.
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Our camp is, no one fills another's tag until last weekend.
Otherwise, since we spread out on the public land around us, and on our own 35 acres.
If its brown its down (based on tags available). Unless the shooter wants to wait.
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Our club has not antler restrictions. We put up club stands in the areas determined by the Board of Directors. All private stands are club stands and anyone can sign into one after 6:30 am. No private stand can be placed within 100 yards, yes yards, of a club stand. On organized hunts the Board decides the areas and the stands to be used. Members then draw a number corosponding to the stands. No one can fill a tag of another member period. Members are responsible for their one guest and must make sure the guest fews are paid. All members MUST work 24 hours before the season begins on scheduled work days.

Just some of our rules. Board of Directors have final say on any problems.
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Quick Reply: Rules of a hunting club????

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