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Biggest deer in Texas (PHOTOS)

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Default RE: Biggest deer in Texas (PHOTOS)

Fair enough...sorry for the mistake, I was just looking at the pictures, I did not read the "blog".

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Default RE: Biggest deer in Texas (PHOTOS)

I passed on one bigger than that today in WV. I WISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Default RE: Biggest deer in Texas (PHOTOS)

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ORIGINAL: Virginia Mike

How come you won't tell us how much it would cost if one of us came to your ranch and took a buck of this caliber? Just give us a price check.
Because that scenario would never happen. You can't hunt deer like that on my place... Whena deer gets that big on our place(probably never will again) my father and I are hunting him.

Marco, I was actually starting to feel sorry for all of the bashings that you were taking until I came across this post. While you defend high fences and actually brought up a few somewhat good points you turned things around and basically proved that when you have a high fence, you know exactly what deer are in there and there is no way for them to get out (unless you actually believe your own statement that a deer can jump a 12' fence flat footed "23" DEER JORDAN ).
#1 all our hunts are guided... many by me. If I see a deer that big and I am guiding you... you're going to lose a finger when I grab your gun to shoot him.

#2 Notice I said "hunting him" I didnt say "shooting him". My father killed his deer this year after sitting in a stand for 24 days... that is 48 morning and evenings... 6 days shy of a month... In a blind. You put that much time in low fence, high fence whatever... you are going to have a greater percent chance of success... we are a lot different than most hunters in that we dont just hunt weekends... we are lucky enough so that we can put our lives on hold and keep our feet on the ground after a deer until we get him.

#3 I fail to see how knowing A deer is there means that you know EVERY deer is there... I have 5 cuddyback cameras and 2 video camera systems that I run almost constantly... as well as 4-6 people sitting in deer blinds with cameras (all our guides have cameras) We see a LOT of our deer... we don't see all of them. I would see most of the deer if we didnt have a fence... we do that much scouting.

#4 My fences are 7' to 8'6" and I have seen deer jump them flatfooted... Last year I saw a deer with an eartag... that We promptly killed.. I have no idea where he came from... we have never brought any genetics or other deer...native or otherwise... onto the place.

#5 Most people that bash high fences are coming from 2 different places... 1... They are out west and see the vertical migration of elk and mule deer every year and think that our texas deer will move 20 miles regularly if given the chance...they wont...2... they are from the midwest and their only experience with high fence is a put and take operation like sanctuary... where deer are raised in a pen and then released into a half timbered pasture with one food plot to be shot by the highest bidder...
Neither of those things apply to me. I don't release deer... They are all born in the wild... I scout and have a decent handle on what is out there.. I have to do the scouting that I do and know what age deer are to the year to have big deer around... Most places... you see a 200" deer and he is dead in 30 seconds... If I hadn't seen him the year before and called him a 3 year old... he would be dead on my place too...
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