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Default RE: How can you tell when the deer are in rut?

Technically a deer is in rut when the buck sheds its velvet(not when does come into estrous, which is a common misconception). I would guess what you are referring to is the peak of the rut, which happens when the does come into estrous. I would assume the rut to be in Mid-November for around the Lake Texoma area. But maybe some people around that area would know for sure.
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Default RE: How can you tell when the deer are in rut?

The absolute easiest and most positive way to find out is to contactyour local game and fish commision office. Ask them how to get in touch with a state biologist, then call him/her. Ask them when the rut is, the peak rut and post rut will be exactly 28 days apart. so you will have 2 chances to hunt the rut.

Good luck.

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Default RE: How can you tell when the deer are in rut?

You now they are in the rut because the bucks start chasing the
does or a nother way is by looking at their necks the bucks
necks get big and bulky.
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Default RE: How can you tell when the deer are in rut?

If you see a buck and a doe smoking a cigarette, they are in rut.

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Default RE: How can you tell when the deer are in rut?

Assuming you understand that the rut means the period of time when does come into estrus and not when bucks shed their antlers, bucks necks swell etc....although this is all rutting behavior that bucks will go through, the rut is solely determined by the does. In most if not all the northern hemisphere, peak rut runs in and around the 2nd week of November, specifically near the 15th. To determine if your animals are in rut, or more specifically, your does are into estrus, concentrate on their tarsal glands. Early season when bucks are polishing their antlers and strengthening their necks preparing for the rut commonly known as prerut....the does tarsal glands will still be white to light brown. As their estrus period comes, the tarsal glands will blacken from the scent secretions that take place.

Just because you see a buck chasing does doesn't mean your rut is taking place, your does may simply be fleeing the buck because they want nothing to do with him because they are not receptive and the "rut" (their coming into estrus) has not happened. The bucks are always ready, the does determine the rut.

When the does come into estrus, some earlier than others but the majority of the herd coming into estrus in Nov, that period will only last 24 hours and the bucks will stick tightly to them.

Does that are not bred in this short receptive period will come back into rut(estrus) 28 days later, commonly known as the second rut. Post rut being the cooling down phase after the peak rut occurs and prior to the second estrus cycle.

Also, take thundermugs advice on contacting your local admin on the best times in your area.

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Default RE: How can you tell when the deer are in rut?

The easiest wat to tell is when they are standing in the wheel tracks on a dirt road!!!!<img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle><img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

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Default RE: How can you tell when the deer are in rut?

you can tell that the rut is on when they all start running around humping trees. <img src=icon_smile_blush.gif border=0 align=middle>

Actually, although I don't know where you are I can tell you that at the latitude up here in Northern IL, the peak hits about mid November, but there is activity for weeks before that. I heard that it gets later the further South you are, and earlier if you are North.

Local biologists are the best souce because they track it every year.

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Default RE: How can you tell when the deer are in rut?

The bucks will usually have their noses or other parts of their anatomy stuck up the does.....um....er....well....

Naw, just go with the cigarette thing....

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Default RE: How can you tell when the deer are in rut?

my brother in law raises exotics...he showed me a picture of a Red Deer stag..he says &quot;he was in rut when I took this picture&quot;...I looked and the deer had his tool run out (*red rocket* for you Southpark fans)

I said &quot;yeah, I can tell&quot;<img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>
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