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The ad asks "How many hunters do you see?

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Default RE: The ad asks "How many hunters do you see?

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My first time out Ihad a doe walk right up to me as I sat next to a tree. I was wearing my old uniform in plain woodland camo with a bright orange vest. She looked right at me and never noticed.
What happen to you was written in a book. I think the book was called John Brown's book :Field guide to animal tracks, or was it his other book. Anyhow he said "set down under a tree and become apart of the tree" then he said "you well be surprized how close the deer well be to you". He said he stuck his arm out as a deer passed by and just the tip of his fingers touched the hide.

So basicly when you lay back on that tree trunk don't move about all that much...just sit back and relax.
That's good news, with my back and neck problems, I usually wind up on the ground next to a tree whether I want ot or not.
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Default RE: The ad asks "How many hunters do you see?

It's a very good point. BUT, IMO, as deer get older, they get smarter and can begin to pick you out. Last year in the middle of winter, I bought a Cabela's Outfitter camo fleece jacket. Multiple times I would have young deer (spikes, 3-pointers, etc...) walk out anywhere from 10-30 yds. in front of me as I was walking to my stand. None of these deer had a clue I was there. Although, on the last day of the season, I was walking the same path when a 9 pointer walked out into the trail about 50 yds. upwind of me, and he busted me quicker than a mach 3 jet. A sad day for old chris......

So for my conclusion it depends on the deer's experience. So most of the time I'll wear realtree hardwoods hd.
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Default RE: The ad asks "How many hunters do you see?

I don't buy the color blind theory or that deer 'can't see well'. Either would be a major league handicap in a world that their very life depends on their 5 senses. You know good and well there have been times that a buck was righ in front of you, and until it took a step, or made some other movement that you never noticed it.It wasn't becaus eyou can't see well.As far as camo, it is like those who make claims that they smoke while on a stand and still have killed deer, which is most likely acountable to the wid direction. But, that wind is carrying your scent and that smoke somewhere, and it does effect the deer. Maybe not the ones you see, but what concerns me, is the ones you don't see and never knew it. Everytime you go in the woods, you leave some residual scent behind. Enough, and frequently enough the deer will avoid that area. You may get him the first time in, but your chances are dropping considerably with each trip in and out, especially if you are cafreless with where you walk, and what you allow to touch you.
I will wear camo,use any realistic scent control measure,and climb as high as I can, because I know that I need to stack the odds in my favor to consistently have deer in the areas that I want to hunt repeatedly.And yes, I understand about 'burning out ' a stand and rotation. But as long as deer are using a certain area, I want to minimize my impact with as many tactics, including a large patterned camo, as I can. Lastyear in bow season, I hunted the same ridge for several weeks and continued to see deer every time Iwent into the woods. There was this one doe herd that I could count on seeing every time. The first weekend of gun season came, and it suddenly dried up. I found out the next day that Ihad company in the form of some trespassers. 6 weeks I hunte dthere and consistently saw deer. 2 days after these 2 came in, withouth camo, being careful about scent and what they touched, and wham--it dried uo immediately.As far as scent is concerned, I think that our breath is the most neglected area. And no, I don't use Gumaflage, but I do have something over my mouth, usually a scentlok face mask, or I try to simply breathe through my nose as much as possible, especially when it is so hot!
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Default RE: The ad asks "How many hunters do you see?

i herd this on tv but i cant rember what show , thats wherering orange dosent give you away because deer see the would in yellow so you look the same if your whereing camo or floresant orange. dont quote me because im not totaly shure if this is true.[:-]
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