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How High Asks Skyhigh

Old 02-17-2002, 06:11 AM
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Default How High Asks Skyhigh

My hunting partner nicknamed me Skyhigh because I always put my stand 25 - 35 feet up (when firearm hunting). Two years ago I picked up bow hunting and am not really sure the optimun height for my stand. I've been about 20 feet up.

How high do you place your stand?
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Old 02-17-2002, 06:37 AM
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Default RE: How High Asks Skyhigh

their is no cut and dry answer. I go as high as I need to for the situation, but that is never over 20 feet or so. I don't like hights, but I useualy am around 15 to 18 feet. I make sure my stands are in trees with plenty of cover around them.

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Old 02-17-2002, 06:51 AM
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Default RE: How High Asks Skyhigh

Hey skyhigh.The height that I set my treestand at usually depends on the surronding terrain,and or time of the year.The areas that I hunt are pretty thick,so early on in the season I can't hunt as high as I generally hunt a little later on in in the year.I generally like to hunt at a height somewhere in the 18-25 foot range.I've found that this helps keep my movements and scent away from deer when they get in close to my stand better.One draw-back though,is the increasingly sharper angle that you will have to shoot at.This makes for a tougher shot due to the path the arrow will take to get in the goodie-box.Good luck and good huntin'
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Default RE: How High Asks Skyhigh

Skyhigh I have to agree with the others. It depends on the area I'm hunting as to how high I go. I usually hunt between 15 and 20 feet up.

God Bless & Good Hunting
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Default RE: How High Asks Skyhigh

Rule of Thumb: Don't build your stand so high that the ground itself is out of range. WR
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Default RE: How High Asks Skyhigh

My 5 gallon bucket is about 2' tall. I try to build my blind up to just about shoulder height while sitting on the bucket.

Taking them from a ground blind is rewarding. Not to say I have never been busted in a tree, I have, but a ground blind in the right spot is really fun too.

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Old 02-17-2002, 10:09 AM
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Default RE: How High Asks Skyhigh

I agree with everyone else about available cover. I have a pull up rope that is 20ft. so that is about as high as I go. Your shot angle increases and your kill zone area (the lungs) decreases as you climb higher. But no matter how high you climb, ALWAYS wear a safety harness!
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Default RE: How High Asks Skyhigh

I'm like 5-Shot....I DON'T LIKE HEIGHTS. I'm not exactly the most gravity friendly hunter around......if I hit the ground from about 20 feet up it could cause an extinction level event on the scale that killed the dinosaurs!<img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

Since switching to Summit climbers with the Bar around such as their ViperXLS, I'm actually starting to feel safe up there.....was always a little uneasy about walking around the platform with nothing in front.
Even still I don't go much above 20 feet just for the &quot;Fear Factor&quot;...I have a 20ft. hoist rope and when my bow starts to lift, it's time to lock off the stand.

That said I have taken deer as low as about 11-12ft simply because it was the only option for a stand location......but boy do I feel exposed at that height!!
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Default RE: How High Asks Skyhigh

I too do not like heights. I killed four deer this past season, and none were from stands higher than 15 feet. If I use my summit climber I will go to 20, but that's all. Three out of the four deer I killed this year were killed out of a 15 ft. Cabelas ladder stand. Everyone has their opinion about the correct height, but personally I don't think you need to get a nose bleed while bow hunting.
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Default RE: How High Asks Skyhigh

ok im new to this tree thing, gonna give it a try over bait for bear. the one thing ive heard is if your shot is expected at 20yds put your stand at 20ft. but like i said im new to this.
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