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all i shoot is 130 grainbollistics.
never have shot anything else though my gun.
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Default RE: 270

retrieverman, I agree with you. Just some FYI for more then just you
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Default RE: 270

it would depend on what your rifle shoots best
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Default RE: 270

The 130 grain bullet is perfect for deer or antelope. If you want to hunt elk or game larger than deer I would recommend the 150 grain.
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we have used all 165gr bullets for years and years and seem to be the best gr. bullet there is. I dont think remington has the 165g6 but Federal makes them still. It used to be called Sierra Kings they are now called Federal Premiums. 165gr is a great all purpose round and knock down in 1 shot!
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Default RE: 270

I think we are talking about a 270 here. 165 grainers?

I've shot a 270 win for 16 years and have taken over 100 deer with it in that time from ranges of 30 yards to 350 yards.Many of the deer were harvested with nuisence permits at local farms.When hunting I fire only 130 grain Winchester Supreme Ballistic Silver Tips. I figure the 130's shoot flatter and 130 is a perfect weight for whitetails IMHO. The core loks are a good reliable bullet but the BST's seem to hit them so much harder. Most don't go 20 yards.
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130gr Hornady SST handloads. Bad medicine
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130-150 will work great. Shoot whatever your gun likes best.
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I shoot 130 grain bullets with my 270.My original purpose in doing so was just to maximize the trajectory.Most of my rifle hunting I do in a western state where the body sizes of whitetails are considerably larger than my home state.I had friends and acquaintences who were urging me to use any caliber beginnining with a 3 for western whitetails.I had a 300 win mag in a mountain rifle that I used for 2 years and it just pounded the crap out of me when practicing with it.So I said enough of that if a .270 was good enough for Jack O'conner it will be good enough for me.Initially I was using Federal Barnes X bullets thinking that I needed them for larger whitetails,I have killed several whitetails with them.I was using core lokts for my hunting at home,they were extremely close to the same point of impact as the Barnes X and a heck of a lot less expensive.I have used them the last three years for all of my deer hunting and have no difficulty.I am not a tweaker when I find something that works I stay with it.There are obviously lot's of excellent bullet choices out there,use what works for you.
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If you'll check your shooters bible you'll see that 130 bullets have a flater trajectory and the best over all accuracy of any 270 load. as far as the type core loct or partion will more than do the job. I sighted mine in at 35 yds dead center and it was back on dead center at 225. A little over an inch high at 100 yds.
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