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Scope Size

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Default Scope Size

I was wondering what size of scope I should use for hunting whitetail deer...
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Default RE: Scope Size

How far you want to shoot?. . . but 3-9X40 must be about the most common thing I 've seen around. . .
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Default RE: Scope Size

yup, need more info-range, rifle, treestand or not, and so forth. Texas is right though, 3x9 is generaly all you'll need. Brett
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Default RE: Scope Size

I use 3x9 or 2.5x10. Works well for deer in the 100-170 yd range. I am in the north east so my shots are closer to 100 yd.
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Default RE: Scope Size

More important is the quality of the scope and the glass coatings. A quality 3x9x40 is a lot better than a cheap 3x12x56. What is your budget?
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Default RE: Scope Size

my .300 wby mag has a 4x12x50 on it and my .25-06 has a 4x12x40 on it
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Default RE: Scope Size

I will second Timbercruiser. Scope quality is way more important than either magnification or objective lens size. Glass quality and coataings will more than make up for 10mm of objective glass and you will get more reliability, better tracking adjustments and a functionally better warranty to go along with your glass quality.

Also consider eye relief. Not only is it important for protection from magnum eyebrow, but a larger eyebox makes a scope easier to get lined up on for a quick shot. If I had a choice between a 4x with short and critical eye relief and a 6X with generous eye releif I would choose the big eye box every time.

Do consider weight and portability if you carry the rifle. If you hunt from a stand and all you will carry is the 300 yds from truck to blind..size won't affect you. But if you tote that rifle over a few mountains......

Here are my picks for a value in a scope

$180 Burris 3x9-40 FFII, $220 Nikon Monarch 3x9-40(if you can still find one), $350 Leupie 3x9-40 VXII $400 Ziess conquest . If you budget is less than $180 I would be careful and consider saving for a month or two to get to the FFII. If its over $400 your starting to get to place where there are lots nice scopes.

Another scope of note is Leupies 6x42 FXIII. Its bright,reliable and light, Pretty much because it saves a set of lenses that would be in a variable.. It has that big eyebox that make it easy to use up close and 6X can cover as far as most shots should go anyway. I just bought one of these last week and I already wish I had gotten one earlier.
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Default RE: Scope Size

Normally the lower power the better the optics will be for the price point, and the clearer or brighter it will be in low light conditions.

I usually go for a 1.5-4 power or a good old fashion 3-9 and keep the power cranked down unless I need it. Nothing like shouldering a gun and having the scope cranked up too far to get on the target easy and fast.

Keep in mind I don't rifle hunt, I live in lower MI so I shotgun or ML hunt. 150 yards would be a long shot for me.

If you buy a decent scope you also don't need a big huge objective either. Keep the power level in a normal range and spend around 200 bucks and you shouldn't need more than a 32-40 mm objective.

Don't over look the value of a good fixed power scoped in 2, 4 or 6 power depending on where you hunt. They are normally more compact, lighter and sometimes more rugged.

Do not get a scope with an adjustable objective for big game hunting. You will not be happy with it. Get one with a fixed parallax in either 75 or 100 yards (most are 100 yards). Some better companies will let you order one any way you want it, or you can send it in and they will change it for you.

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Default RE: Scope Size

I have a 2x7x32 Nikon Pro Staff on my 1187 and a Bushnell 1.5x4.5x32 on my black powder.
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Default RE: Scope Size

Custom 700 wears a Leupold Vari-X III 4.5 - 14 x 40 AO... a bit TOO large on the lowest setting IMO but works well in some Hi-Power competition throughout the summer months... the 700 Mountain wears a Leupold Vari-X III 6.5 - 20 x 40 AO... mostly a long range woodchuck gun... the scope was on sale, NIB, 50% off so i could not resist...

things i live by in scopes for hunting...

1) QUALITY #1 - Durability, Clarity, Brightness and Warranty - spend as much as you can afford...
2) low power magnification... do NOT go too large... for years a 4X was fine for small game and deer... bout as big as i want to go on the lowest setting of one of my hunting rifles... difficult to find things in the scope otherwise in a hurried situation...

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