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feeding deer

Old 12-22-2006, 07:25 PM
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Default feeding deer

Hi guys,

Late in the season and I'm kinda desperate, havent got one yet. I've been putting out bait (corn) for the last couple weeks, and the deer are hitting it for shure. They've eatin about a bag and a half so far (about 75lbs) and there are tracks and droppings around it. Only problem is that whenever I hunt that stand, I see nothing, even if the wind is perfect. The stand is on a deer trail, and the bait is about 20yards from the stand. I only hunt afternoons, so is it possible the deer are only coming to the bait in the morning? Also, is there a way to ensure the deer only come to it in the afternoon, so i can put some meat in the freezer before the season ends in like 9 days? Help is appreciated

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Default RE: feeding deer

Dont know where you live in MO.its not legal to bait,have had deer around
my chemical stations after the rut they work it pretty hard,before the season they were hitting my feeders around 10:00 am and later in the afternoon around 4:00 to 5:30.Before I pull my feeders I mix a small bit
of sweet feed in with the corn,they are five gallon bucket types and am
going to bigger feeders so I dont have to fill them so much.The guys that
use the feeders after the season starts use a half and half of corn and
sweet feed with great success,carefull what you do its not worth the
fine for cheating!
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Default RE: feeding deer

They probably won't hit that corn until very late in the day.

As they realize the corn is always there, everyday, they will come to it earlier. They seem to know that other deer are beating them to it

When you hear the weatherman callin for snow, the deer will come earlier.

I have a backyard feeder and found that deer really come early when a snow storm is in the forcast.

Baiting is illegal in my state, but after observing deer at the backyard feeder, it almost seems like cheating. If its legal where you are, more power to you.
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Default RE: feeding deer

corn and apples work for me morning noon and night.
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Default RE: feeding deer

I live in ontario lol dont know where you got MO from
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Old 12-23-2006, 01:36 PM
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Default RE: feeding deer

Chances are they're coming early in the morning, maybe even at night.
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Default RE: feeding deer

They are probably feeding at night
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Default RE: feeding deer

Put out a camera.
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Default RE: feeding deer

Why so desperate? Don't have any grocery stores up there in Canada?
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Default RE: feeding deer

naww we got grocery stores lol..its just i been hunting for two seasons and havent got one yet, and i dont wanna wait another 9months for the season to roll around again
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Quick Reply: feeding deer

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