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Default Missed...Embarrassing

I was out sika deer hunting down at our club in Dorchestor. 10 minutes after the deer feeder went off, I had a small doe come leaping towards me then stops broadside 10 yards away(10 YARDS!). I pull up my 20 guage, leaned it on the stand, and took the first shot. Missed, Up high, the deer didn't move and just stared at me. SoI thought i just got excited so I aimed, Fired again and missed, about 3 feet high. NO WAY! I only had 2 shells in my gun so I had to put my last shell in. The deer is still in the same spot, I fire again, missed. The deer looks up, and leaps to the feeder and eats. I was madder then a 3 legged dog trying to bury a crap on an icy lake! So I call my dad to ask him what I should do, He says "Your screwed". So I climb down from the stand and stand within' 10 feet from the doe, she just looks at me and continues eating. I walk back down the trail to the lodge, I just do happen to look over and there's another deer standning over the ditch. Didn't move, just watched. NO!

I cool off and go out the next night. This time the deer came around 5 minutes before the feeder went off(same one). She leaps towards me and stops suddenly. Puts her nose up while nearly broadside. I didn't want her to go off, So I lean my dad's 12 gauge up, and shot at the front quarter. It misses to the right...NO! The deer looks at me in confusion, I shoot again, then again. MISSED! She runs off, I put my last shell in. Then she runs back and stands BROADSIDE 25 yards off. I shoot, and missed...and she ran off again. CAME BACK! I took a picture, then she took off like a speeding bullet and never seen her since.

World's MostInaccurate Hunter

World's Most Stupidest Sika Deer

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Default RE: Missed...Embarrassing

All hunters get excited and miss at some point. I missed two whitetails with my bow this year, likely due to excitment and rushing the shot. "Train how you fight," as the Army states, so when its real you are better prepared. Practice, practice, practice....You will get other chances.
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Default RE: Missed...Embarrassing

It happens to everybody. I missed two last year. Other chances will come up. Keep practicing.
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Default RE: Missed...Embarrassing

Sounds to me like you might need some more practice at the gun range buddy! We all miss though no big deal.
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Default RE: Missed...Embarrassing

At least it wasnt ur trophy that u missed that close. U will get more chances but u better pracitise or something cause missing that much aint gonna cut it
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Default RE: Missed...Embarrassing

It happens. My first muzzle loading deer I had to shoot 3 times (with a muzzle loader!) before I hit her standing broadside at 80 yards.....

Next one will be easier because you'll be practicing a LOT until then!
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Default RE: Missed...Embarrassing

The Bright Side: You didn't cripple her

The Down Side: Slugs ain't cheap
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Default RE: Missed...Embarrassing

What'd you get, 7-8-9 shots at her? That is by far the most consecutive misses I have ever heard of...wow. We all miss, bud...butholy cow

Do yourself and the deer you hunt a favor and get some range time.
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Default RE: Missed...Embarrassing

At least it wasnt ur trophy that u missed that close. U will get more chances but u better pracitise or something cause missing that much aint gonna cut it
Can I ask what you mean by this?
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Default RE: Missed...Embarrassing

If memory serves sika are a pretty small target , so I can't honestly say that I wouldn't have missed either , just not as many shots as you . Check your sights and get in some more range time .
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