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Default how to make climbing tree stands?

Hello, i am curous does anyone know how to make a climbing tree stand? I mean measurements of the different pieces? I am good at making things with metal so i am curious. Any help would be appreciated.

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Default RE: how to make climbing tree stands?

Oh jere i love to weld and build tower stands and lots of other things.but when it comes to climbers i just have to pay someone else's prices! can you weld aluminum? they make the best light stands. i can't weld aluminum or have never tried. steel is just to heavy to try and climbing with a heavy stand would be rough.

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Default RE: how to make climbing tree stands?

In my younger days (16) I made my own climber. It was steel, but very small, so it didn't weight that much. I didn't use chain or cable, but the old standby steel "V". I had never used a real treestand, so I did not realize that it was imperative to connect both top and bottom pieces with a rope. Well, I was up in the tree and the bottom section decided to fall all of the way to the ground. So I waited until dark and my friend realized that I had not come back out of the woods. He found me and shimmied up the tree to pass me a rope with which I pulled the bottom section back up. It was lesson learned and I spent $200 on a nice light alumminum API stand. Trust me, this is your life, spend the money and do it right!
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