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OverHunting a spot

Old 10-21-2006, 10:16 AM
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Default OverHunting a spot

This is my 1st year hunting in MO and I have my own land to hunt. I currently have two fixed stands a blind and a climber that I use. One of my fixed stands has been a real hunt spot and I have been seeing deer both morning and night almost most everytime I am there, wich is almost everyday. I have jumped some deer on the way in and have shot at two from the stand, and hand one small doe see me and bolt. I try to use my other stands but it is hard not to go to the one as I see so much action there. How much hunting in that spot is two much? Should I give the spot a rest. There is a also a nice wall hanger moving in the area that I have seen and the stand is not far from a rub/scrape.

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Default RE: OverHunting a spot

Sounds to me like its way overhunted. Once a week max for a good stand is my matto.
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Default RE: OverHunting a spot

Every day is way too much IMHO. Make sure the wind is right before you go in. The scraping buck will go nocturnal if he is messed with too much.
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Default RE: OverHunting a spot

let the stand rest man, at least a week
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Default RE: OverHunting a spot

Sometimes when I've overhunted a stand, I'll see deer, but it's always the same deer. 1 1/2 year old spikes, forkhorns, yearlings and occasional doe. You'll have to give the stand a rest for any hope at the biggun.
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Default RE: OverHunting a spot

I've got a hunting bud that has one of those double person stands about 50 yards behind his house. He lives in a cul-de-sac in a development and the stand is in an area of woods that's probably about 20 acres that's sandwiched in between about 3 developments....but there are small wood strips that will let deer get in and out. Anyway he uses the stand to train new hunters and kids, he'll drop a bag of corn back there and either sit with the kids or have a new hunter use it......depending on how cold it is I guess it usually gets hunting 2 or 3 times a week, sometimes more and usually in a season at the very least 10 deer get taken, often more....but like isatarak says they're smaller does, yearlings, and spikes. But the keep coming back, again, and again, and again.
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Default RE: OverHunting a spot

stand location sound more inportant then overhunting. your stand must be either to close to a bedding area oron heavy traveled cross trails. find your shortest route to the deer without crossing their trails and set up 15 30 yards off of the trails.This will produce good results. Or set up way early because your going to be in the middle of heavy traffic during peak hunt hours
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Default RE: OverHunting a spot

I don't feel it's good to hunt a stand a lot, but sometimes a guy has to choose between that or not even going at all. I know I don't have access to much acreage, and it's heavily presured at that,but what else can you do?

I DO know that when I have a stand I feel real good about I really am carefull with it
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Default RE: OverHunting a spot

I hunt on 68 acres and right now I am hunting out of two stand locations. I have only seen deer from one of the stands and got a nice doe from it last Saturday. I have also hunted 2:1 ratio over the other stand and have seen deer from it every time I hunt it. The only reason why I have the other set up is I see tons of tracks around the other location and I know deer run that trail. Now here in another week or two when the corn is cut down I will set up another deer stand location, but I will still hunt old faithful.

I honestly feel that if you get in early enough to let things die down no matter if it is morning or evening, if the deer routinly use a path by your stand location they will still use it not matter how much you hunt it. It all depends on wind, movement of the deer that day and how quietly you can get in or out.
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Default RE: OverHunting a spot

always ALWAYS play the wind if you have too get up and extra hour early and go the long way around or stay an hour later than normal and go the long way around it will pay off in the future
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