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Default overhunting?

this is going to be my first year hunting from a treestand. i will be able to go out quite abit..but how much is too much? how long should i wait inbetween hunts?
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Default RE: overhunting?

well from my experience ,with only hunting Saturdays, 2 in a row ended me seeing deer from that stand.The first two weekends there were deer all around me after that they shut it down
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Default RE: overhunting?

Try to never hunt stand two days in a row. Move around either with muliple stands placed out well in advance of season or a portable or climber that allows you to be mobile. Always use the wind in your favor and don't set up too close to bedding areas. I would recommend hunting funnels where deer travel to and from bedding to feeding areas.
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Default RE: overhunting?

Just like Hardcore said you don't want to use the same stand 2 day's in a row.
Thats why I use 2 diffrent stands and I have a ground blind to be more moble.
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Default RE: overhunting?

Got to be a hardcore cheer leader too except with one addition. Mutiple area's. Be activly trying to find new places to hunt.6 is a good #. As you get to know the places they will produce so that the new one's will not bumb you out being not so productive in the harvest dept but a gold mine in the illumination dept.. They will be. May take 4 years. Good topo's are a must.

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Default RE: overhunting?

The most I like to hunt a single stand in a row is evening, morning, evening. I only do that when it is the HOT area too. I certainly try to not make that a habit.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional hunter and I hold no world records.
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Default RE: overhunting?

I think it depends a lot on the location and the circumstances.

If it's a location close to bedding or feeding areas, and you get busted or you might have spooked a deer or two on the way in or out, then it's definitely a good idea to leave the area alone for a while.

But say it's a good travel corridor, and it's pre-rut time, and you either didn't see any deer or snuck out mid-day. If you're diligent about scent control, then you probably have no reason not to hunt that stand the next day or even that evening.

I've been in stands two days in a row that on the first day were dead and the second day was hot with activity.
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Default RE: overhunting?

Buy several cheap treestands and set them up ahead of time,then hunt the ones when the wind is right. Deer do notice changes in their environment. Portable treestands are ok as long as the wind is right, if you get busted don't use that tree again. I like to hang 3 stands a month in advance, even then on opening day I was reading a book in my stand, quietely. Got that feeling I was being watched looked up and a doe was staring at me, Busted! Moved that stand the same day. Ive never hunted a tent blind for deer. This past season I turkey hunted and put out my decoys sat down 15yds away. Five deer walked into my decoy spred and hung around for ten minutes! No scent lok, no shower no problem. Next day I hunted from my tent blind and every deer stopped and stared at the blind from @50yds away
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Default RE: overhunting?

Next day I hunted from my tent blind and every deer stopped and stared at the blind from @50yds away
And that is exactly why it is recommended to set up ground blinds weeks in advance, OR why it is necassary to blend the blind into the natural surroundings. Turkeys will except a blind that was not there yesterday, but is there today, even if it is in the middle of a plowed field. Deer on the other hand, don't easily except the "thing/blind" that is out of place, odor or no odor!!

If you can get into and out of a tree stand with no deer detecting you, then hunting the same stand a few days in a row can be done!! The hard part of that is finding that place that is in a good kill spot/location but yet can be entered/exited without being detected!!
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Default RE: overhunting?

There are a lot of factors that go into hunting the same stand multiple times. Are you after "any" deer or are you after a mature buck? Are you diligent about scent control and your routes in and out? Are you hunting a bedding/feeding area or a travel corridor?

I grew up being taught to hunt pretty much the same stand day after day....eventually one would come by. And they did. Sometimes seeing deer several days in a row. Now that my focus has changed, I believe hunting a mature buck you don't want to burn out a stand. 2 days in a row is fine if you take scent precations and don't get busted in or out. If you are just after deer, keep hunting a stand as long as it's hot and you aren't spooking them while in the tree or enter/exiting. The rut can also mean you can get away with hunting a stand more often as bucks will be traveling far and wide and your 3rd day in stand may be the 1st time he's come within a half mile of your tree. Best advice is to be as scent free and pay attention while setting up at the base of the tree and watch your in and out routes.
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