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Home made scent bombs

Old 10-19-2006, 06:27 AM
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Default Home made scent bombs

While making plans for this years hunting season I found myself pondering
how I would go about putting out scents below my cliff "blind" without goingdown the rockface via the gametrail or tram road down below.

Since I'd want to put out the scent at 3 or 4 spots within 40 yard or so of the rock, I came up with the idea of just tossing the bombs from up above <g>. The obvious problems to me with this idea are that I doubt I could throw a little scentbomb hardly any distance away, and that retrieving them later on could be a problem. (Them laying on the ground could cause them to get buried by leaves... plus the scent wouldn't be dispersed all that well.)

I came up with an idea that just might work. I'm sure someone else has thought of this... but if not , I'll put it out there and see what you all think of it.

The idea is.... WIFFLEBALLS !!!

My thinking is, where a wiffleball has all those slots on the top side, I could shove some cotton or wick material inside it. Add a bit of weight to the bottom of the ball to help it to end up bottom side down on the ground, and help with me being able to make a longer throw. Add scent of choice... and fling the sucker as far as I can <g>... (While being careful NOT to fall off the blooming rock...)

I'd prep the wiffleballs by storing them in a bag with earth and leaves for a few days before I head to camp, to help "treat" the plastic with a woods scent... After the season, I could just walk the trail and pick up the balls for use next year, or disposal.

It would be a cheap enough thing to do... and would help keepme away from the bottom of the rock.

Any thoughts?

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Default RE: Home made scent bombs

Wiffle balls give off a distinct plastic smell sometimes , why not just hang some rags soaked with the scent of your choice ? Attach a small fishing weight if distance is desired , then just spin and sling . .
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Default RE: Home made scent bombs

If you have a bow, what about just soaking an arrow in the scent? Maybe getting an oversized field-tip arrow or one of those spring ones designed to stand upright, and then wrapping the shaft ahead of the arrow rest with some sort of material such as cotton to hold the scent?
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Default RE: Home made scent bombs

I use 35mm film canisters. They give them to me for free at Walmart. I use them as sealable hanging scents. It's very easy to do. I put an eye hook in the top and put a paperclip on that so it will hang like a Christmas Tree decoration. A piece of fishing line runs from the eye hook on top to thecase so I can open it and leave it hang.I put cotton insideand soak it down with whatever scent you want. Then theycan be sealed up and put inmy pack until I get to my stand. I hang them out in my shooting lanes. If you want them to be fancy like mine I covered them in camotape and put a small strip of reflective tape on them to find them after dark. Sorry my description isn't that great. I'd post a picture, but I'm at work.
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