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when would u hunt

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Default when would u hunt

i hunt a long strip of woods with corn on one side and bean with a corn field in the middle of it on the other side also there is a creek runing down the middle of the wood line and it seams that the deer are only passing threw every few days i think it will be good during the rut but i dont know what to do now
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Default RE: when would u hunt

if there is a bottleneck by the woodline and creek, if should be an excellent spot to hunt. The deer like to cross in these smaller areas.
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Default RE: when would u hunt

Yes, the deer will take the creek cause there is more cover that is what they do at my spot.
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Default RE: when would u hunt

Hunt them whenever the wind is right. You ain't going to get him watching The Young And The Restless............
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Default RE: when would u hunt

sounds like a good rut spot..... they need water when there running hard
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Default RE: when would u hunt

i'd check for bottle necks, the corners of the field, any points that stick out from the wood line, low areas like ditches, lone trees like a spruce on the edge all by itself.
but mostly look for paths and tracks.
go out at night or stay weel after sun set and see where they like to come from and note the wind direction.
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Default RE: when would u hunt

There's probably trails leading from one to the other, take a walk and do some scouting.
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Default RE: when would u hunt

Yes definately take a quick scout (leave no scent). It will be quite obvious where the great majority of deer are crossing but look for a couple possible smaller less obvious crossings nearby also. Nice thing about corn is that even the slightest wind can make the stalks pretty noisy to cover any little sounds you might make.

One slight problem I have with corn is that although I don't get busted, the deer just seem to appear out of nowhere. One minute nothing- the next there's a deer standing there full body.

Good luck.
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Default RE: when would u hunt

Id hunt it any day and anyway suitible to the wind.
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Default RE: when would u hunt

Sounds just like my set up. I have a strip of woods that I am set up on the edge of, bout 40 yards of woods behind me to the cornfield, beans to the right of me across a set aside field about 150 yards out, creek directly in front of my stand, maybe 5 yards away, corn field about 200 yards to the front of me across the set aside...

It's a crapshoot where I hunt, hubby's taken a deer there every year for 10 years (including the 3 I've taken). Mostly it depends on weather for us, if the winds are calm and temps are chilly/cold, there will be deer. We also only have about 5 acres of wooded lot that we hunt, of course it's situated between three corn fields and the one bean field.

Our philosophy is, if you sit out there every chance you get and for as long as you can afford time, something will walk in front of you at some point. The best luck in hunting is due to the most time spent in the woods. You will geta better feel for the local population as well as "learn" what is out there for you to hunt. You will likely see the same deer more than once, which will help you pattern them.
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Quick Reply: when would u hunt

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