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gotta pee, what do i do?

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Default RE: gotta pee, what do i do?

A buddy of mine had to do the #2 wile out. He got down walked 30 or so yards away did his thing and got back in the stand. Half an hour later a doe walks up and sniffs his, well you know. Blam he puts meet in the freezer.
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Default RE: gotta pee, what do i do?

I'm a firm believer in limiting human scent. If you're in an area where people pee often it may not matter, but if there is a spooked buck out there, I'm pretty sure he's not going to come near it. Most hunters don't do much scouting, don't go very far in the woods and don't prepare properly, so they pee on the ground. Later you'll hear most of them complain "there arean't any big bucks out here". Do your best to not let anyone know you're out there. I pee in a bottle. The only reason not to is laziness. Just be carful that you put the cap on right or it can leak in your pack. Gator aid bottle tops leak but have a bigger opening. I like the two liter bottle myself. Smaller opening, but if you're going to be out there all day... Just throw it away when your done hunting.
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Default RE: gotta pee, what do i do?

Bringing along a bottle to pee in is a solid idea. I have to disagree with the idea that deer can not smell a difference in human urine versus deer or other species for that matter. Last time I checked, when I pee after a few cups of coffee, I can smell Columbian! I do not think Whitetails stop by local starbucks.
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Default RE: gotta pee, what do i do?

just stand up and piss... but be ready whenever you do because evrytime i do it i get caught in the act by a deer haha
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Default RE: gotta pee, what do i do?

They may or may not know if it's human (then again, do they even know what a human actually is?!), but in my area at least, they sure aren't scared or spooked by the smell of it.
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Default RE: gotta pee, what do i do?

Unless a deer actually sees you peeing they have no correlation of what human pee smells like. I pee out of my stand all the time and just last year two bucks came right up to my tree and smelled it. Then they just walked off. Deer are very curious animals!
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Default RE: gotta pee, what do i do?

I don't hunt much in a treestand but if not in a ground blind I just let her go. When in a ground blind I pee in a sealed jar, not so much for the deer but myself. If a turtlehead is poking out, no choice but to jump ship and take care of biz.
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Default RE: gotta pee, what do i do?

As you can see there are a lot of opinions out there. I too have seen on occasion deer not be worried about something I thought they would perceive as a threat. However, I've had does come right under my stand and continue out into a clearing and start eating grass about an hour before dark, followed by a spike, who stopped just about under my stand about 20 yards inside the woods. Next was a six pointer who was a little more slow and cautions. But the fairly mature eight pointer stood about 150 yards back inside the woods. The only reason I even decided to start looking back there was that the first two bucks kept looking back in his direction. He never came out. Does are stupid. Young bucks are ignorant, and mature bucks are bucks who used to be ignorant but learned to stay away from danger (notice I didn't say humans). I wonder why that eight pointer didn't come out? Was it that I hadn't pissed on the ground? Or because he smelled something suspicious. All they have to have is a bad feeling about it and they are gone. Unlike people who piss on the ground, they aren't lazy. But I think more hunters should walk 100 yards or less in the woods and piss on the ground, smoke, eat drink, litter, because after all,deer don't know what human is, right? They've never been to a 7-11 and witnessed people buying tabacoo. Those people increase my odds. Becausethe deer willget a false sense of security when others don't practice these habits and get closer in, and they'll make a mistake.

As far as pissing on a scrape, yeah I've heard that the buck might be confused and think you're a rival buck since there is testosterone in your piss. But if that is how you're going to hunt, meaning get buck angry and looking for fight, then do it right and put some buck urine on his scrape and put yours in a bottle.

It's like seatbelts - yeah there's always someone who says "I know a guy that would have died if he were wearing his, so I aint wearing one". And he may be right about that situation, but look at what makes since and use good judgment. You didn't spend all that time scouting, practicing with your bow and being scent free to piss off the stand.
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Default RE: gotta pee, what do i do?

ORIGINAL: Killer_Primate

Does are stupid.
Thanks for clearing that up for us. I'm sure none of us as ever been busted by a doe while the buck was the one acting stupid.
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Default RE: gotta pee, what do i do?

Killer Primate,

I disagree with what you are saying. First, if the buck was smelling you're pee from 100 yards, it wasn't the pee that put him on alert, it was you're human scent. If you think a down-wind deer is going to be alerted by smelling you're pee on the ground, I can tell you this much, that's the least of you're problems.

A couple years ago on a field edge hunt over a bean field in Illinois, I let one go over my stand. To my amazement, about 15 minutes later, I caught some movement directly under my stand. The edge was so thick, I litterally could hardly see the ground. Anyway, a 3-1/2 year old 8-point (130 class) was standing directly below me, licking the pee off the leaves. True story. He then proceeded to walk into the field where I could have smoked him 100 times. Point of the story, deer aren't afraid of human urine, in-fact, they will drink it! he he he....
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Quick Reply: gotta pee, what do i do?

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