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Keeping your feet warm.

Old 09-25-2006, 02:13 PM
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Default Keeping your feet warm.

During the winter months it can get pretty cold sitting in the deer stand. I usually wear one pair of thick socks to keep my feet warm. But sometimes they still get cold and makes me want to stand up and move around to get them warm. I have a nice pair of Rocky 1000 gram boots but sometimes they still get cold. I have tried a pair of anklets under my thicker socks and it works all right. Last year I used the feet warmers and they worked pretty well but I don’t always have them with me. What do you do in order to keep your feet from freezing? If you don’t use feet warmers how many and what kind of socks do you wear? Thanks
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Default RE: Keeping your feet warm.

Do NOT wear cotton socks. That is the worst thing that you could possibly do. Wear wool socks, they will keep your feet warmer and help wick moisture away from the skin. I wear a pair of knee high rubber boots that has some kind of thin lining. Bought them at the COOP farm store for $40. They have to metal buckles at the top of each boot. For the money, best rubber boots I've found. Keep your toes moveing at all times when your sitting in stand. That helps alot as well.
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Default RE: Keeping your feet warm.

I usually can get away with a pair of insulated rubber boots and woolies.When it gets a bit colder i switch to helly hanson gear which is every oil patchers best friend . If i am hunting when its cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey i bring out the big baffin steel toes. These babies keep your feet roasting all day but they are awkward as hell. The steel toe in these boots do not seem to make my feet cold.
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Default RE: Keeping your feet warm.

Sometimes your feet get colder than other times, depends on how much they perspire. I rub my feet with Secret Unscented after I shower at camp. It keeps your feet from perspiring as much and serves as a Scent blocker from your feet.

I never use Cotton socks, cause they make your feet perspire. I always use Wool socks and change them every day.

Also remember, in a sitting position with your legs bent at the knee for long periods of time,slows circulation to your feet. Try to stretch your legs from time to time.
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Default RE: Keeping your feet warm.

Artic Shield boot blanketsI bought a set two years ago and they are great, put a hand warmer in them and your all set.
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Default RE: Keeping your feet warm.

I have diabetes, and every year my nerves in my feet get worse and worse. This past winter while duck hunting in 10 degree weather, I went back to the truck early. Everybody else said thier feet were fine. My toes were black. So this year, I got a set of icebreakers. Thats right those goofy things that look like clown shoes. My wife laughed for 5 min when she saw them. Well see how they work. Not sure if I can use em in a blind, but tree stand definately.

Mossyoak33 on here suggested those over the artic shields. He said he tried them both, so I took the recommendations.
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Default RE: Keeping your feet warm.

I have a relative who uses battery powered socks...I personally have never used them, but he likes them a lot.
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Default RE: Keeping your feet warm.

I use the insole foot warmers with the air activated heat packs in thetoe and wear a pair of thin polyester type sock under a pair of wool socks. I usually still freeze, just not as soon as I would if I didn't use this stuff.
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Default RE: Keeping your feet warm.

My feet rarely get cold hunting, but ice fishing is a whole different story!

Try some of those footwarmers..not the toe warmers..the whole foot-shaped warmers. I got a bunch of those for xmas last year...LOVE THEM TO DEATH! Sat on frozen lakes all day w/o my toes getting cold.
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Default RE: Keeping your feet warm.

I usually wear a wicking sock to wick persperation as my feet tend to sweat, then use wool socks.....Wool will always keep you warm even when wet....usually. Then:

Artic Shield boot blankets I bought a set two years ago and they are great, put a hand warmer in them and your all set.

(in reply to Rebel Hog
They work like a charm. IMO.....

Also start out with less....you can always add a layer on if you carry a day pack!! The key is staying dry!!!!!
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