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Blood trailing

Old 08-25-2006, 10:24 AM
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Default Blood trailing

Through the years I have preferred a Coleman lantern for trailing deer...It seems to illuminate the blood trail...But as you know a Coleman is a little bulky and has some disadvantages....Last year, my little brother shot a doe that was quartering toward him...He hit the deer about 4 inches behind the shoulder and the bullet exited out the guts, plugging the exit hole...The deer went about 150 yards, through a pine thicket, towards the swamp....I had my 3-D cell MagLight on my 4-wheeler and he had his as well...I also wear a head light, as I wear contacts and it helps to have this on to keep limbs out of my face....We had tracked the deer about 75 yards as she was only leaving a couple of drops every 20 yards or so, it was slow going...Finally the blood trail started getting thicker...My brother was behind me and stopped for a break, as we had been on our hands and knees looking for blood....For some reason I cut off my MagLight and noticed that with the headlight the blood really stood out...It reflected the blue light of the LED...I pulled out my small AA MagLight as I had replaced the bulb with a LED as well....The woods lit up with blood...My brother walked up with his MagLight...the blood disapeared...It seems that the bright white light of the 3-D Maglite was hindering my being able to see the blood trail....I had my brother stay where he was and literally walked the last 50 yards to his deer...

Just wanted to let you guys know...The headlight was a Aurora from Princeton Tec....I have purchased one of the LED replacement lights for my 3-D cell MagLight...I'll try it again during bow season...
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Old 08-25-2006, 12:46 PM
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Default RE: Blood trailing

Thanks for the idea.
I bought a small LED headlamp (has the redlight also)that I use when fishing at night.
I'll be sure to bring it out with me hunting this year
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Old 08-25-2006, 12:49 PM
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Default RE: Blood trailing

Yes LED is a much better lite to use as you said it reflects off the blood and it really shows.
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Default RE: Blood trailing

Good to know!

Thanks for the tip.
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Default RE: Blood trailing

I am colorblind and cannot follow blood trails because of it. I have been limited to the use of dogs or a partner, but I never thought of trying different lights to see if it helped me at all. Wouldn't work in the day obviously but it is worth a shot at night. Thanks for the idea!
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Default RE: Blood trailing

That's good to hear. I've heard some talk about the newer LED colored lights by Gerber I think. This is the first I've heard that the standard LED lights like you can convert Mag-Lite and maybe other std flashlights work. Will certainly put one in my pack sack just in case. Thanks.
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Default RE: Blood trailing

Great tip! Thanks for sharing.
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Default RE: Blood trailing

The Gerber Tracking light has four red LED lights and four blue LED lights.
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Default RE: Blood trailing

Yes that is a good tip. I dont like following those small drops of blood. If it makes it easier to track the deer, then Im willing to try it...
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Default RE: Blood trailing

Now thats some good information to share , thanks for the tip I'm gonna have to get one of those.
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Quick Reply: Blood trailing

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