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Slug Gun Scope?

Old 08-11-2006, 11:48 AM
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Default Slug Gun Scope?

I am thinking of hunting with my shotgun this year, I have a remington 870 with a rifled barrel. What kind of scope does everyone prefer on a slug gun. I have heard that a low power scope works well, but some people say a red dot sight is all you need. What are some pros and cons of each?
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Old 08-11-2006, 12:58 PM
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Default RE: Slug Gun Scope?

I use a Bushnell Elite 3X9X40.

I know that's not the best scope money can buy, but I think it's a good scope. It's fogproof, and around here the weather changes a lot and we hunt in the rain a lot so that's handy.
I always keep it turned down to 3 so I can get an accurate shot off in the woods or in lower light situations.

A red dot scope IMO is great for fast target aquisition.

BUT, again, IMO your slug gun with the right sabots, is very capable of taking a whitetail at 200 Yards, and I personally want (or need) some magnification at that distance to make a good ethic shot.

Good Luck,

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Default RE: Slug Gun Scope?

Slug Gun Scope? -
One with a long eye relief!
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Default RE: Slug Gun Scope?

One with a long eye relief!
LOL! This is true. My buddy "Scope Eye Jim" would concur. I like a fixed 2.5 power scope. I don't want to be fidgeting with magnification, I just want to aim and shoot.
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Default RE: Slug Gun Scope?


One with a long eye relief!
That's nokidding!
My uncle was shootingModel 1300one day loaded with Winchester's 3" Partition Gold Sabots and it dam-near caused him to need stiches above his eye!

I told the dummy to hold on tight!
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Default RE: Slug Gun Scope?

If it's not a cantilever barrel I would suggest just using the open sights. If its a cantilever barrel I have a bushnell trophy 1.75-4x32 and am pretty happy with it. It's the cheapest scope I would get at 100 bucks.

As far as what power, depends on what kind of ranges we are talking about and how accurate your gun is. 4 power should be plenty for out to 100 yards on deer sized game. If you think you may have to take quick shots I would go with a low power scope or red dot, or better yet fiber optic sights.

As far as what scope you should get, there are tons to pic from, go with what you like and looks good to you. I would stay above 100 dollars with lower power scopes. The higher the power the more money you should spend.

By the way, a bushnell Elite is a great scope. It's the 50-70 dollar bushnell, tasco, simmons scopes I would stay away from.

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Old 08-12-2006, 01:08 PM
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Default RE: Slug Gun Scope?

With the availability of good rifled barrels with cantilever scope mounts I am not a big fan (although a big guy) of saddle type scope mounts. It is certainly best to have the scope mounted directly to the barrel for top accuracy.

A local gun shop sells abrand newMossberg rifled & ported barrel with cantilever scope mountand Bushnell3-9X40 scope, factory "laser bore sighted" for $169.99! (give or take10 bucks -my memeory isn't what it used to be).Screw it on, get some slugs & targets.

I put one on a 12 ga. Mossberg 500 last year. My friend put one on his 12 ga. 870. The factory bore sighting was excellent - that's all I can say - excellent. Both barrels appreciated 2-3/4" Remington BuckHammers.

I was totally impressed! However I will tell you for certain, the 3-9X40 scope will not be used anymore. It will be delegated to the deep, deep bowels of my gun equipment drawers. With that scope it's just beggin ya to bring your eye "a little closer, a little closer...." It seemed quite difficult to get your eye centered with it so it's full glass was clear. Difficult enough at the bench, yet alone a serious hunt condition.

I have never seen any sense in more than a 4X for a slug gun, out to say 200 yards it is enough mag. It will more than likely be fitted with a Simmons 4X or 2X Pro-Diamond shotgun scope. Great scope under 100 bucks. Awesome light gathering, very crisp & clear. Never let us down.

I've had one on my 12 ga. H&R USH Deluxe and my son has one on his 20 ga. H&R USH. Hundreds & hundreds & hundreds of rounds, never a problem. I haveSimmons .22 Mags on (3) Ruger 10-22's (3 boys requires atleast 3 .22's , right?). Thousands & thousands & thousands of roundsthru those - never a problem.

I know some people like say to stay away from Simmons and offer up a story of a buddy/friend/uncle's scope that broke or whatever. But I stand firm by a story from me/my/I.

Funny thing about me running across those Mossberg scope packages is that I went into that shop looking to find a 12 gauge bolt slug gun. I needed an additional dedicated slug gun and thought, "what the heck, let's give a bolt a whirl, I heard good things about them". Well they didn't have any in the store and I found the Mossy barrels. "Heck I can pop one of these on my 500 and be in business!"

Great decision - never looked back.
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Default RE: Slug Gun Scope?

4X Leupold shotgun scope
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Default RE: Slug Gun Scope?

i have a BSA catseye 1.5-4.5x32 scope on my ithaca deerslayer, and its done a good job but i need one with a lil more zoom so i can shoot a little farther more accurately, especially where my gun stand is i need it
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Default RE: Slug Gun Scope?

I own an 1100 with a cantilever barrel. I put a Leopold 2x7x33 VX-II. Its pricey, but I told myself I wouldn't put a crappy scope on a new gun again. I put a cheap Simmons on my .270 years ago. It does the job, but just isn't the same quality.
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