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Just wondering

Old 07-31-2006, 03:55 PM
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Default Just wondering

Im just wondering how many others out there get a little fed up with other hunters shooting up the woods during the shotgun season. I mean all of us here on the site seem to be pretty level headed when it comes to deer hunting. Then you have the weekend warriors who come in invade the woods and shoot anything that comes in front of them. They show no regard for anyone or anything. Then they go parading around showing off a 60lb fawn. I guess Its just a pet peeve of mine. In thispart of Indiana we call opening day of firearms season as Indiana's pumpkin head days. Anyone else get invaded by so called weekend warrior deer hunters?
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Default RE: Just wondering


This is so weird that you started this thread at the same time that my buddies and I were griping about the same issue. This happens parts of Illinois and Wisconsin.

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Old 07-31-2006, 05:24 PM
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Default RE: Just wondering

Well I work all week except for a few scheduled days offso I pretty much only hunt on Saturday because Sunday isn't open. So in that sense I'm a weekend warrior. I would certainly never show-off a 60 lb doe. I know lots of people that shoot any legal deer(no spots)but not too many that show no regard for anyone or anything (but I don't hunt too much public land that is crowded). That seems to be a very broad generalization but if it was that bad where I hunted I would certainly be looking into finding some other land options.
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Default RE: Just wondering

Hunters are hunters. Still hunting and bow/blackpowder hunting doesn't make us better or worse than a weekend warrior shotgun hunter unless you are talking about someone being unethical, unsafe, or hunting illegally. Weekend warriors are hunters too, they pay for their privelage to hunt just like anyone else and in the end we are all hunters let's stick together. Again, unless their activities are illegal (call game warden) or unsafe (call game warden)I try not to do too much judging. I might notdo something the same way as my brother/sisterbut in the end they are still my brother/sister and I keep that in perspective.
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Default RE: Just wondering

Where I hunt in southeastern Illinois is very much off the beaten path, not much public land or land that can be accessed by "outsiders." So, you pretty much have a good idea of everyone who is hunting in the immediate area. Most of the folks I know are going for a decent buck and act responsibly.I'm somewhat of an exception. Dunno if I would shoot something with spots, butyoung and tender is my priority[:@]
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Default RE: Just wondering

ORIGINAL: Lanse couche couche
Dunno if I would shoot something with spots, butyoung and tender is my priority[:@]
I'm with Lanse on this one. I'm a meat hunter, through and through, anything legal that steps out in front of me, and it's a safe shot, the Swede's going to be roaring.
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Default RE: Just wondering

Not everyone might be as educated in deer mgmt. as us.. Especially on public land where the hunters go on what I call a search and destroy missions. I guess it just depends on where youare hunting.
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Default RE: Just wondering

Last fall was really bad where I hunt at when the firearm season started it was like a mad house guns everywhere.
It really made mefeel uneasy with all those crazy yahoos, tipping beers for beakfast and shooting everything on site.
I don't have anything against guns its just the person pulling the tiggerwhenthey get drunk or high on drugs thats when some one sould take there gun away from them.
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