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Default bicycles

I am wondering if anybody uses bikes to get way back in? A couple of years ago I bought a safari sling for my rifle and planned on using my bike on logging roads and roads that are starting to be overgrown. I want to get away from the crowds. Mostly I am planning for next fall. What has been your experience? A couple of people I have talked to have been pretty positive about their experiences with bikes. I have ideas on how I want to go about doing this, but my biggest forseeable problem would be how to bring back the deer, provided of course I was successful.
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Default RE: bicycles

Before I was old enough to drive I used to hunt on a bicycle. I did however run into the problem of how to get a deer back and ended up leaving my bike in the woods and dragging the deer back on foot. Since then I drive to where everyone else does and start out earlier and walk out further. I find that the other hunters often chase deer to me.
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Default RE: bicycles

I use a 4 wheeler......much easier
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Default RE: bicycles

I have used a bike in flat terrain but I don't care for it in the hills. I don't know of any way to haul a deer out with it.
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Default RE: bicycles

I remember a guy over at huntamerica.com built a trailer type thing that attatched to his bike so he could pull deer out. I believe his name was Nick or Nickathome. You can probably go there and he might give you some plans. Or just search the archives.
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Default RE: bicycles

Pugetsound, do you live right in Seattle? I have two brothers that live in Bellevue.
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Default RE: bicycles

my friend ties the deer to a sled he puts there in the beginning of the year and then ties the sled to the bike seat post. it works ok. as long as you dont have many hills. just my 2 cents
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Default RE: bicycles

If this works a picture paints a thousand words. If not I'll try again

had to shrink it it was way too big

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Default RE: bicycles

Well, I live in an agricultural region and access to a downed deer by truck isnt that hard to come by in many places around here besides around the lake where its steep at...other than that we can have a truck within 400 yards every time of the downed deer.
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Default RE: bicycles

I ride my mountain bike but i never told anybody about it.It is kinda strange.lol Riding a bike is of a great advantage.In my hilly area my stands are locate down hill.In the am i just coast down the hill.The way out i walk it out.I used to use my 4 wheeler but found it spooked game.With my bike ive ridden right past them and got some pretty dumbfounded looks.Or they ran a short distance and stopped.Ive seen more game as a result.
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