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Do any of you know that guy?

Old 05-04-2006, 07:04 PM
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Default Do any of you know that guy?

The old timer that ALWAYS gets the big trophy. Just makes you wonder how they do it. Sometimes you can be hunting/fishing the same area and come up empty handed the same time they get a nice animal. Any similar experiences?
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Default RE: Do any of you know that guy?

Yes I know myself.
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Default RE: Do any of you know that guy?


Yes I know myself.
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Default RE: Do any of you know that guy?

My Dad was that way while I was growing up. Fishing or hunting, he filled my tag on MANY ocassions (after I failed to). He passed away almost 5 years ago now, but his last couple of hunts I filled his tag. We both got a kick out of the irony.
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Default RE: Do any of you know that guy?

I know him , and I celebrate his succeses , but I have records of my own to set .
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Default RE: Do any of you know that guy?

that would be my dad and my uncle .
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Default RE: Do any of you know that guy?

that would be my dad and my uncle .

Same here. We've always hunted in hunting clubs. One of these clubs had over 60 members in it. Somehow, every year, my dad or my uncle, {sometimes both} will come out with a monster of a deer, hunting the same areas all these other people are hunting. I've had the opportunity to hunt all over the country with alot of different people. My dad and my uncle are still the best I've ever been around. They're the same way with the turkeys. My uncle never ceases to amaze me. If a turkey can be killed, he'll figure him out and he'll kill him, regardless of how many other people have been hunting the same bird, with no luck. He always knows just when to move and when to stay put. Both of them have taught me alot.
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Default RE: Do any of you know that guy?

It comes down to just common sense and forget all them gimmicks that dime you to death.Heck I dont wear bought camo,I wear sneakers,eat pizza on stand .but spend hundreds of hours xcouting instead of working
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Default RE: Do any of you know that guy?

Believe it or not, that would be my oldest son..now in his mid 30's who lives in SW Florida.We hunt our home state (NH) which is not the easiest state to consistently tag. The year before he left he tagged his 12th deer in 8 years. Four with a bow (only hunted with a bow 4 years) and 8 during the regular firearm season. Most impressively, all were adult bucks!

Maybe you could say he had a good teacher....
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Default RE: Do any of you know that guy?

Of course there's also the guys who go hunting for the first time without even scouting an area or using the"proper" equipment and come back with a tropy.
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