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never hunted

Old 04-18-2006, 11:48 PM
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Default never hunted

HI i have never hunted because my mom has always been scared of guns but in a few months i will be 18 and able to purchase a rifle myself i was wondering what all do i need to go hunting? and what do i need to do to prepare? thx.
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Default RE: never hunted

Welcome to the fraternity son, I don't know the law's in your state but if you have a hunter education course available take it, there's a lot of basic's to be learned. Try to hook up with someone local that's a hunter or if you have a gun club join if you can. it's too bad your mom's afraid of firearm's because once they get over the fear they can be your greatest supporter, you don't mention your dad,no dad or a dad that doesn't hunt ? how about relative's, any that hunt that you could tag along with ? I've worked with a lot of new hunter's over the year's and if you have any question's feel free to e-mail me, [email protected], Bill
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Default RE: never hunted

A Hunter Education course is not only a good idea but probably required due to your birth date , many states require it for those born after about 1986 . Here's a link to the F&G website: Idaho F&G Getting to know your local F&G officer is not a bad idea either , they could steer you in the right direction and answer a lot of your questions .
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Default RE: never hunted

What all the guys are saying is true. Do the hunter's ed and find someone to teach you the ways of the wild. Once you pass through the doors of the hunting community there is no turning back. Welcome!
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Default RE: never hunted

Take your hunters eucation and locate an ol' timer that has hunted alot sucessfully and learn and continue to learn. I promise that no clinic, magical pill or 12 step programwill cure the addiction that you are about to acquire!
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Default RE: never hunted

If you know anyone who has guns, ask to go with them the next time they go shooting. The only thing that will make you a good shooter is experience. If you don't know anyone who own guns, get hooked up with some guys from the local NRA, I'm sure they'd be more than happy to teach you how to shoot. Once you've learned who to shoot, set yourself a budget and go look for a good deal on a rifle. A 30-06 would be a great rifle for you if you're not sure of what caliber to get. After you buy a rifle you're going to need to buy scope rings (if not included), sling swivels, a sling, a scope, and some ammo. One of the most important things to purchase is a survival pack and a compass. You'll learn more about that in hunter's safety. As far as clothing goes, you're going to want to get some long underwear, gloves, a warm hat, some sort of blaze orange vest, and some hiking boots or packs. You don't really need to buy camoflague clothing if you don't have the money. Drab colored garmets (tan, green, brown, ect) work just fine. Lastly, you'll want to buy some binoculars (don't need to be anything fancy), a field dressing knife, a knife sharpener, and a bone saw. Have fun and good luck!
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Default RE: never hunted

Good luck buddy & welcome to the family, you're about to embark on a lifelong adventure.
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Default RE: never hunted

It's scary to think of going out in the woods when there's someone else out there w/out experience doing the same. The only advice I can give is to become knowledgeable, take the classes, be comfortable with your gun, and get some KNOWLEDGE about hunting before anything. Surround yourself with some people who do hunt and try to learn a few things from em. Good luck!
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Default RE: never hunted

All great advice so far. I would only add that if you can't buddy up with a mentor somehow then take a couple of seasons to learn and don't be in a rush. 1. Pick your rifle and start practicing. Get as much range time as possible. 2. Spend as much time in the woods as possible practicing the skills you need; orienteering, camping, hiking, stalking & tracking. Take a big stick, leaving the gun at home and envision what you'd have to do. As you start preparing, making an effort and getting out where other hunters are you're bound to run into someone that will be willing to show you the ropes.

Above all, get the hunter education class (you might even find a mentor there) the others have spoken of and be patient. I went for deer for the first time this last season (I'm 37 and have been wanting to go all my life, but never had the opportunity). I'm not inexperienced in the woods or with fire arms, but I found that I make a lot of fundamental mistakes that could have been serious. I wish I would have practiced and done a "dry run" or two like I mentioned above.

Spud (originally from Idaho, can you tell)
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Default RE: never hunted

Be patient, Be careful, Be ethical and HAVE FUN!
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