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Hunting in the off season....

Old 04-13-2006, 02:00 PM
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Default Hunting in the off season....

What do you guys think about hunting in the off-season? Here in Texas, there are a lot of exotics you can hunt, and I was thinking about doing this in the spring, or summer. The only problem is that I'm having trouble finding a Free Ranging Exotic Hunting Ranch. I don't want to hunt in a pen.

Anyway, I've heard Exotic meat is tasty, and you can keep your skills sharp in the off-season by hunting them.

Has anyone done this?
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Old 04-13-2006, 03:30 PM
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Default RE: Hunting in the off season....

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Default RE: Hunting in the off season....

You may have trouble finding a place that has exotics that isn't fenced in. Those animals cost money to import and no one would want to see their investments walk off.

Most of the exotics are taken for the mounts anyway. The meat from most is not good tablefare, with the exception of some of the small deer variations.

If you do find a place please post it up for the rest.

Good Hunting,
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Old 04-14-2006, 05:51 AM
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Default RE: Hunting in the off season....

Me and my son Bow Fish in the off season ..if you have not tried it you should it is a BLAST !

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Default RE: Hunting in the off season....

There really isn't an off season. Deer hunting takes up most of the fall, especially if you hunt in different states and Canada. In winter there is coyote and rabbit hunting. In the spring you can hunt turkeys and as DD says bowfish for gar, carp and other rough fish. Woodchuck- prarie dog hunting can also be fun for those people who still need a hunting fix. 3d bowshoots can also be fun especially if the guys you are with treat it like a hunt. Then there is the range where youcan sharpen your shooting skills, reloading, etc. Then there is HNI for those who really want more..........
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Default RE: Hunting in the off season....

ORIGINAL: cardeer

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Default RE: Hunting in the off season....

i hunt small game in season , hogs all year , crow when in season , turkey ,bowfish and fish till aug till deer season opens back up
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Default RE: Hunting in the off season....

3-d target ranges

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Default RE: Hunting in the off season....

I do much of my coyote hunting in the offseason. This weekend, I didn't get any coyotes, but got a big coon and huge hog.
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Default RE: Hunting in the off season....

Off season here is squirrel, rabbits, and coyotes....and that's a wholeeee lotta fun if you ask me!
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