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What is the Rut???

Old 03-25-2006, 12:02 PM
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Default RE: What is the Rut???

Robs answer says it all quadracer.

Comment on rut in general though from my perspective:

IMHO "THE RUT" is really feast or famine. To many worry about "rut" and missing some of the best part leading up to rut or even post for that manner. For me the best time is the late pre - rut or what some define as the "chase phase". This timeframe has bucks cycling vs just tending to a single doe. It also is the time they are most apt to come into your various calling techniques, the smell is in the air - slightly, anticipation is high but the ladys just aren't ready yet. This is the time we see bucks doing more stupid stuff then "peak rut". On a smaller scale the post rut creates similar results although it is scaled back somewhat b/c the majority of does have either been breed or out till #2 round.Another bonus to these stages is here the bucksare hitting the feed bag.

Now in all honesty my opinion has become this way as of late. I do a ton of scouting, spending many summer evening scoping from distance hillside watching for potential bucks. In the past I haven't worried much about them in the early season, why elk & or mooseto hunt, honey do list prior to ole man winter and lets not forget the "rut" - HEAVEN as many have said. What i have found in the past few years hunting an area that hasalot ofdeer andsome very nice bucks. While these big boys will hang in mass come mid oct they litterally vanish. So basically become unpatternable, prior I could find my bucks with little effort but with the rituals of rut starting they start moving off to determine their own grounds. You know not one of the big boys stayed where he was for the rut, it was always the up and comers that hang around. Last fall I spend many hours from mid oct - dec waiting and searching for 1 of 3 bucks and only had a few glimpses all in the early going. Now whatI did find was bucks I had never seen all of sudden showed up, some where bigger then thecommon up comers some were equal or smaller. We all know they span out for the rut but I didn't realize the extend until last year for this particular area. Go figure been hunting it for 6-7 years(only heavy the past few though)and haven't clued in to why none of my tags were on those big boys. I came to the realization not taking advantage (if possible) of the big buck on summer or bachelor group patterns is a huge mistake on trophy class animals. I will not be raking leavesearly next fallthat can wait if it must till april or may b/c I am going hunting! If unsuccessful I am going to start widen my search to find this roamers, as last fall the big boy moved across a highway over 5 miles north as the crow flies. Never even thought about searching that way but know I will. Point is I got sidetracked thinking the rut would be a great equalizer and never panned out.

I still love the rut it brings an air of unknowing and special excitementbut to over look other times to hedge all on the rut you either win big or go home empty.I am talking about "big bucks" in this regard.

Just my 2 cents worth.

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Old 03-25-2006, 07:36 PM
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Default RE: What is the Rut???

The rut is.... when I take all my vacation. Oct. 20th through Nov. 30th.
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Default RE: What is the Rut???

Some areas of the country, mainly the south, will have a peak time of the rut, but due to the over population of deer and other factors bucks will, and do, breed at almost any time of the year. I have seen small spotted fawns at all times of the year and the only way that can happen is if the does are breeding year round. Young does can breed at six or seven months of age. Different parts of the country will also have a different peak rut time. Where we hunt in South Bama they are starting the peak rut around the third week of January and in the northern states I understand September may be their peak rut period.
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Default RE: What is the Rut???

During the rut you want to find the does. If you find the does that is where the bucks are going to be. They will not be sparring in the fields etc. They are constantly on the move attempting to find does in estrous. If a does is not bred during her inital estrotus cycle then 28 days later she comes into "heat" once again. This is a secondary rut.

I do not know if this was previously mentioned there are various phases to the rut.

Pre Rut- Bucks are sparring, rubbing trees and making scrapes and checking them almost daily to see if there is a doe ready to be bred.

Rut - They are breeding. They are solely concentrating on finding a doe in season and then another and another etc. This continues through a secondary rut

Post Rut- They are trying to find that last special doe. Then their horomone levels drop off they go back to concentrating on eating so that they can survive the winter.

As hunters the reason we enjoy hunting the rut is due to the fact that bucks are almost more concerned with breeding rather than getting ate. They are out roaming about more frequently and throughout the entire day not just before sunrise or sunset as they do throughout the rest of the year.

I hope that this has been a little more help to you.
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Default RE: What is the Rut???

Ditto what Rob said. It's all about the doe. Her estrus cycle runs approximately every 28 days once she starts. Some may start as early as september and go as late as Feb depending on wheather or not she gets bred.
Pre-rut is basically when the bucks are getting ready or may be chasing a few does but the does may not be ready. Several things can trigger or delay the rut such as moon phase, weather etc.
The peak of the rut is when the does are "in" and are able to be bred. This is when you see bucks acting like fools.
However, not all does are on the exact same cycle (similar to human females) so it's difficult to say exactly when a given doe in a given area will be "in".
For this reason, it's imortant to remember that "hunting the rut" may be missing the point. I know guys that say they only hunt the rut but these are generally guys that live in the suburbs or city and dont spend a lot of time in the woods. Good luck.
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Default RE: What is the Rut???

i agree with timbercruiser, in our area the peak rut is usually late, our season ends jan 31, and around the 15 of feb, the buck will be running wild, i've seen them chasing does beside the roads and across farm fields.heres it mar 26, and while turkey hunting i've seen fresh scrapes and rubs. i think the weather plays a part also.
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Default RE: What is the Rut???

It is that time of year when the bucks are moving during daylight hours. Many bucks will never move during light at other times of the year, and hence cannot be hunted unless you do drives or otherwiseforce them tomove. The mating urge makes them walk around in search of does, many times in daylight hours or at the edge of darkness in the mornings or evenings. That is why it is important to be in the woods when this occurs, because it is your best chance to take a nice buck.
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