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Why do you deer hunt?

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Default Why do you deer hunt?

RMOA television e-mag is looking for story's on why you deer hunt? We are trying to get more youth into hunting and want our youth to know its a good sport to get into. If you can write a story of about how you got into deer hunting and why you enjoy it, please let me know. RMOA-Rocky Mountain Outdoor Adventures www.rmoatv.com is promoting deer huntingin the (May) issue in its e-mag. Send story's to [email protected]

Dr. Mike
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Default RE: Why do you deer hunt?

My story would not be very beneficial. when I was 9 and living on a farm during a recession.My dad said you will learn to shoot and help me get food. He taught me to shoot and sent me out to kill something .If I come home without foodI risked getting punished and no food for the table. I continued to hunt as a became a man and it is the challenge and meat i love. I am know disabled and the struggle has gotten worse as years go forward. I now lots of times have to crawl to a little spot behind my house or neighbors back yards that border some woods.
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Default RE: Why do you deer hunt?

dad started me off when i was five and i loved it...no that im 14 i just expanned on my love for it and studied all hunting and guns. its the only sport i do and i love it
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Default RE: Why do you deer hunt?

To rephase the question. why wouldnt you hunt deer? personally i hunt deer because they taste amazing and hunting anything is in my opinion the most fun that you can do.
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Default RE: Why do you deer hunt?

I'm with busy on this one.
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Default RE: Why do you deer hunt?

I am a member of PETA andthat venison is the finest tasting of the red meats.
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Default RE: Why do you deer hunt?

It's probably genetics. I like hunting squirells and fishing as well.
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Default RE: Why do you deer hunt?

I think my story is pretty typical. My father always hunted and I used to love to hear about all the hunting stories. I would wait beside the road all day long waiting for him to come home and watching for deer on the back of cars. At five or six, my father would take me deer hunting one day out of the season with my Daisy BB gun. I was so excited thatI couldn't sleep the night before.

I've never been closer to my father then whenI was hunting with him and after thirty years of hunting, I still have that excitement the night before the first morning.
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Default RE: Why do you deer hunt?

It is not the harvest for me so much as the chase.
It is an awsome expireence to sit in the cold for 12 hours waiting for an animal that can smell 300 times better than any bloodhound and see better than a hawk and hope that you get at least 5 seconds to make a quick humane shot.
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Default RE: Why do you deer hunt?

Here is what happened to me that I sent in, it is kind of funny:
[/align]I am 48 and have hunted for many years and it is hard to explain the excitement associated with deer hunting. I can only speak for myself but once I had the bug it was always there. Remember hunting is not killing, we spend many days just out in the woods being one with nature and not even see one. But it is still exciting or we would not go back out. During the week I play hell getting out of bed to go to work but on a day off I enjoy getting up real early to go sit in a tree in the cold. I have spent over $50,000 on land and a cabin just to hunt. If you calculate that out, deer meat is the most expensive meat in the world. Some people are at peace sitting in their their new fancy car but I am at peace sitting in a tree.[/align][/align]My father never took me out hunting when I was a kid so I did not start hunting until I was in my mid 20's and a friend of my brothers invited usto go hunt on their land. My older brother hunted for 10 yearsand had never shot a deer. We drove up on a friday night before opening day and the guy had dinner cooked and we all sat around telling stories and everyone made fun of me the new rookie trying to tell me how to hunt. Being a little cocky I spoke upand said I would have one down by 8:30 in the morning. They all laughed. In the morning they pointed me down to an area where no one else wanted to go and they probebly thought there was no deer there. They told me there was a stand up the ridge. I walked out on my own in the morning dark half scared of anything and walked up the ridge. walked around for a while and found no stand. So I picked a forked tree and climbed up it. I stood in the fork switching legs back and forthcause it hurt. It started to get light so I am looking all around seeing nothing. Not really knowing how to hunt back then I probebly looked silly. It had been light forabout 20 minutes and I hearda noise up the ridge. I looked that way and what seamed to me was the largest deer In the world came down the hill.The8 point buck walked right under my tree and shaking real bad I was able to get a good shot and he fell instantly. I got down and thought to myself this is pretty easy I don't know why my brother has never gotone. I was so excited I wanted to scream but I did not. I got to the deer and said to myself ok now what. It was still so early in the morning I could not go bother anyone. I had printed out instructions earlier that week on how to field dress a deer. So here I was with this piece of paper laying on top of this deer andI was pretty proud of myselfbecause I did a pretty good job. I wentback to the house and had to sit around on the tailgate of the truck fora couple of hours.My brother walked up the hillsaying you big sissy why did you giveup. With a smirk on my face I said, I was wrong last night when I said I would have one down by 8:30, it was more like 7:00. He laughed and said yeah right. The whole time we were walking toward the deer he kept saying I was joking. He was so mad when we got to the deer. I am sad that my father never took me out and I have harvested close to 50 deer in my life now but the first one was the sweetest. I have two girls and no boys but the girls don't want to go. I am trying to get my bosses son to get his conservation safety card so I can passon the excitement to someone else.[/align]
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