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Why do you deer hunt?

Old 03-22-2006, 09:53 AM
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Default RE: Why do you deer hunt?

Story sent. Hope it's what you are looking for. Sorry it's so long or I would have posted it here too
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Default RE: Why do you deer hunt?

I have to admit that when I was younger I hunted because it was the thing to do. When you grow up in a rural area, and you've been around it so long, it's not questioned. However, the older I've gotten, I began to question how ethical hunting really was. That all changed when God gave me the buck of a lifetime. I've respected hunting all of my life, but it was only three years ago that what I realized I was doing was very special. My dad had a chance during bow season for him, but the neighbor drove up in his Bronco and scared the deer away. Then, the neighbor harvested a buck in Southern Wisconsin (where he grew up) but needed to fill a doe tag where we hunt, and he saw the giant but his tag was already used. On Thanksgiving morning, around 9:00 I asked God to send me the big boy, and literally, a minute later...I saw him coming from the hillside. I was in a state of shock, and could not believe that it was him...and even stranger...I've never held a gun so still, so steady in my life. I still shake on does, but for some reason, that second, that minute...I was calmer like some unknown power was holding the gun for me. Knowing that God gave me that deer proved beyond a doubt how ethical hunting is, and I live my days on earth respecting everything about hunting and nature, and I've grown more aware of how incredibly fortunate I am to be able to enjoy it.
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Default RE: Why do you deer hunt?

beats being at home .
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Default RE: Why do you deer hunt?

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Default RE: Why do you deer hunt?

im the only one in my family who hunts. i grew up fishing and loving the outdoors. i watched hunting shows when i was young and oft visisited hunting websites like this one. my dad took me to a friend of his to hunt the past two seasons, but we only went out once a season and with no avail. the first time was even without camo and scent killer .two seasons agoi bought a bow beforehandand it turns out i loved to shoot. hunted on th efarm i worked at for a while. still waiting on my first deer, but i love it and everything about it. this is my first turkey season and there is nothing more exciting then sitting against a tree at sunrise with animals all around and turkeys calling in the background. such a rush
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Default RE: Why do you deer hunt?

I posted this last year on the bow-hunting forum. This sums it up for me.

The preparation through the summer in anticipation of that fist crisp day when the leaves start to show shades of orange and red.

The butterflies in my gut as the season approaches.

The drive to my "camp" where my brother, my dad and I all have met every fall for the past 20 years. The camp the we built, maintain and a place where I became best friends with my dad.

The old gate that keeps the road untraveled for most of the year and the big deep breath I take when I get out of my truck to unlock it. Peace? Therapy? Call it whatever you want, but it is a necessity in my life.

The camp sets behing some twenty year old pines that we drove over when we laid the first block and drove the first nail. Those same pines hide the camp and there branches now allow us to hang our deer in them.

The creek of the old front door and the familiar smell as I enter. On the wall are our stories, our bets won and our bets lost. There shadows cast a texture to the living room floor and walls. They are like old friends that remind us of days past and days to come.

The hum of the old cast iron wood burner. The crackle and poping as the woodbegins to provide warmth to my heart and to the camp.

The conversation and stories that are shared. The catching up that is done inside the camp walls and the building of family friendships and love and respect.

The long restless night prior to opening day and the awakening of the the old wind up clock and the smell of morning coffee.

The cool morning air and the sunrise that greets me and the woods. The shadows that play tricks on my eyes every year as the sun hits the trees and the branches.

The hunt is almost secondary and if an animal is taken.....it's a bonus. Hunting means so much more to me than just the size of the horns. Money and a 150 class buck will not compromise what I enjoy......

Just basic thought from a basic "hunter".....................
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Default RE: Why do you deer hunt?

My father, uncles and grandfather all hunted. When I got old enough I joined into the family tradition. Now that lots of years have passed, I am still eager to get out there and hunt. It is in my blood and will be until the day I die.
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Default RE: Why do you deer hunt?

Whole family hunts and fishes. every male and some of the females even. I am the first of everyone to pick up bowhunting though so we will see this coming year if it catches on with the family. hopefully it does.
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Default RE: Why do you deer hunt?

I sure do appreciate everyones thoughts, have had some great story idea's, thanks again my friends for your help!

Dr. Mike
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Default RE: Why do you deer hunt?

im 15, my dad never hunted. i got interested in it watching television. I knew a guy who hunted so he took me duck hunting one day when i was 12. Ever since then i have been hooked on every type of hunting there is.
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