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Default Ascenders

For those interested in purchasing an ascender to add a huge element of safety to your fixed position deer stands, here is a link to a website where they can be ordered.

There are other ascenders out there, but this one is reasonably priced and very compact and light.

You need this and a stout piece of rope.

Climb into your stand and tie the rope as high as you can reach above your stand, and let it hang all the way down to the ground. When you climb down, tie the other end of the rope around the bottom of the tree.

Then simply put the ascender on the rope and attach it to your harness by using a caribeener. As you are climbing up or down, or while you are hunting, if you fall the ascender graps the rope.

You will be on a safety line from the moment you start to climb, and then throughout the hunt, and when you climb down.

My son is a rock climber and showed me this tip.

It will just about ELIMINATE the possibility of falling out of a fixed position tree stand, even while climbing!

All of my hunting friends that have seen me use mine, have purchased one.

I strongly suggest you consider it for your safety. And tell others about it.

It will make your deer hunting a much safer proposition.

It is light, quiet, and extremely easy to use.

Your life and safety are worth $35.


Email me with any questions you might have. [email protected]

(For those that are terminally skeptical, be advised... I have no interest in this or any other retail outfit. It is just a great safety tip, that I am sharing.)

I hope you all have a safe and successful season.

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Default RE: Ascenders

nice tip. thx.

"Size isn't important, but it HELPS!!!"
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Default RE: Ascenders

i was thinking where i heard ascender and then you described how it worked i still couldnt remember where i used one..then you said your son a rock climber showed you..i remember now! rock climbers have alota neat tools and can do most anything with a rope...i went with a guy and he taught me enough to climb saftley...i was fascintated at how something that looks like a metal ring to me is really a device that if used properly lets me stay up there if i slip..all kinds of neat things...many can be used for tree stand saftey...thanx for the reminder i kinda forgot!

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Default RE: Ascenders

VC1111 It looks like it would work fine but the rope you use is the critical part at this point .Most of the rope you get in a hardware store won't take a persons weight in a fall situation . In construction you cant even use a rope safety lanyard anymore because they fonnd they break without a braking system to slow your fall gradually.
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Default RE: Ascenders

Halcon, good point.

I purchased "climbing rope," which has a bit of stretch to it. Its about 60 cents a foot, if I remember correctly.

However, a stout rope used with an ascender is far, far better than what 95% of all hunters are using now...nothing at all.

I would also add that the maximum distance you can fall when using this system is about 3 feet...not enough to allow the rope to exceed its "shock" strength.

Anyway, I coughed up the money for the good rope and an ascender, and I can't tell you how good it feels to climb and hunt knowing that you'd have to work pretty hard to take a serious fall.

I've read from 2 or 3 sources that one of every three bowhunters WILL fall eventually. Even if its one of every 30 bowhunters, that's a very high risk situation.

When you get as old and ugly as me, you just know that you won't bounce very well if it happens.

<img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

Seriously though, I hope you guys try this. You will never climb again without it. Its that good.

Mauser, I know what you mean about rock climbing and the gear they use. Pretty ingenious stuff they use.
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Default RE: Ascenders

Anyone interested could also check out Sherrill Arborist Supply www.wtsherrill.com. They sell a lot of tree climbing supplies to professional tree trimmers, arborists, etc.

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