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5 stages uf hunting

Old 02-27-2006, 06:32 PM
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Default RE: 5 stages uf hunting

ORIGINAL: buckhunter14

why do we need stages? were all hunters, why can't we just be hunters.
buckhunter, we are all just hunters, but our "agendas" evolve as we go along. Usually as we get older, the focus of our hunt changes from wanting to kill something every time we go out, to an attitude of enjoying nature itself with no "need" to kill.
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Default RE: 5 stages uf hunting

I guess I've hit the method/sportsman stages, but I think when you get a new bow or firearm you tend to step back into the shooter stage until that weapon has first blood. I think once you passed through these stages when you regress to the shooter stage you can do it pretty safely due to your experience and not be a danger to all.
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Default RE: 5 stages uf hunting

I remember when I took my hunting course many years ago, this was mentioned in the course booklet and had the descriptions listed of the 5 stages. I have the booklet somewhere. I remember then, the instructors had us circle whatstagedescribed us bestat that point. I can't remember the ones I circled, or the reasons why, but I do believe that over time,some things havechanged. For the last couple years, I really concentrate on how I do things when im in the woods.When I first started hunting, I wasn't really concerned with the method stage. Now I'm really into practicing certain methods when Im hunting.

It would bevery nice to come out with game in your hands all the time. But you can still feel successfull even if your hunt doesn't always produce game.
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Default RE: 5 stages uf hunting

That's pretty interesting.

I was in the methods stagefor a short while when I started hunting with a bow at around 1985 til about 1989. Back then, it was a challenge to get my deer with a bow instead of a gun. also back then, PA use toonly allow one deer per year. My goal wa to get it with a bow. After being successful, my season was over. I then decided to hunt my neighboring state of West Virginia.

I was in the limiting out stage from 1989 until about 2002. During those years, my goal was to fill all my deer tags, PERIOD. I use to hunt West Virginia and Pennsylvania and would average 6 or 7 deer each year. I hunted with both bow and gun.

I think I pretty much skipped over the trophy stage. I've taken lots and lots of deer, but very few could even be considered nice.

I think now, I'm in the mellowing out stage. I get a greater joy out of hunting with my daughter and step-son.Watching them get their deer is way more exciting than shooting myself. Just being out there with them is what its all about now.
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Default RE: 5 stages uf hunting

I think that's all pretty interesting! I can definitely see parts of me in all of those stages.
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Default RE: 5 stages uf hunting

ORIGINAL: Hunter_59

cardeer, apparently you're not there yet but someday, hopefully, you will understand that your hunting season is not a "failure" if you don't kill out. Don't get me wrong, I probably was closer to your attitude, when I was younger, than I care to admit. My wife would've skinned me alive though if I had burned a $100 bill every time I ended the season empty handed!
Hunter 69 ,Then I quess I will never be there. I have been hunting 50 years and have taken 185 buck and many doe. But I'm that way with everything I do. Cant do is not in my vocabulary,Coming short is not acceptable. Simple.Only two ways to look at anything in life. You either win or lose. No shame not to win ,but dont quit and except failure. I am that way when I raced and that way when hunting or transmitting the most powerful cb station. At this time I have a 7500 watt station and growing. You should see the lips i am cutting off, LOL
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Default RE: 5 stages uf hunting

I quess I'm in the Sportsman Stage. I really enjoy seeing a youngster when they have learned the rules of nature, being a successful and safe hunter, having ethics and morals in the field and especially when they come out of the woods with that incredible smile on their face's and say.....I got one dad!
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Default RE: 5 stages uf hunting

buckhunter, we are all just hunters, but our "agendas" evolve as we go along. Usually as we get older, the focus of our hunt changes from wanting to kill something every time we go out, to an attitude of enjoying nature itself with no "need" to kill.
I agree..
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Default RE: 5 stages uf hunting

I would probably put myself in the Trophy Stage. I have only hunted two years and this year my patience to get a big buck has paid off.
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Default RE: 5 stages uf hunting

nice article
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