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Favorite Moments

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Default Favorite Moments

Tell us about some of your favorite hunting moments. Not necassarily the ones in which you got a deer.

I tell you both of mine i believe happened this year.
The 1st i was with my oldest son. He's 14 and only goes with me a few days each year. This was his 1st deer he seen while with me in the woods. We were hunting an area where you needed a permit. My son did not have 1 so i was doing the hunting he ws just tagging along.
We got tothis spot about 3 hours before dark and were just sitting and waiting. I seen this doe crossing in front of us about 50 yards. i nudge my son and say you see him, enthusiastic he's saying, where? I point it out and he sees it. Now it's antleless only so i tell him to pick up the Binocs and make sure it's a doe. I already seen it was a doe but let him tell me wether to shoot it or not. he's all excited saying yeah dad it's a doe, shoot it. Then he says what it's gone. i tell him it's still there just behind a tree. He sees it again and says it's a doe dad. I keep asking him about 5 or 6 times Are you sure. he keeps saying yes, it's a doe, i'm sure.
Well I shoot it and hit it pretty good. we sit for a bit he's all excited then we get up to go get it. Man that was a great moment.

My 2nd i had my youngest son with me. We were sitting against this huge tree that had fallen. We could here movement everywhere. I would ask him which direction it came from and he would poit or say over there. I asked him 1 time i say "you here that, which way did it come from? he said " i don't know but it was close. And it was, i looked over that tree behind us and the deer was right on the other side about 15-20 yards. I did not really have time to point this 1 out to him cause it totally snuck up on us so i grabbed the gun and shot it. It ran about a 150 yards after that shot and stood on top a hill. I pointed it out to my son and we watched it. All we could really see was it's tail flickering, then it was gone. we got our stuff together and went to where i shot it and blood everywhere, I told my son to start tracking him. he followed the blood till he lost it. He says what now, i told him to mark the last place he saw the blood. He says mark it with what? I said use your gloves, he put 1 on a small branch and i told him to walk around till he finds more blood. He found more and lost it again and had to put up another glove. He said what about my gloves. I said we gotta come back this way on the way back. well after that the blood trail was pretty obvious and the deer had fallen right where we saw it standing. He was yelling, "there it is, there's the deer". We tagged it and he held the legs ip while i gutted it. Man, i would not trade those moments for anything in the world.
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Default RE: Favorite Moments

well my faviorte story is when i shot my first deer. it was my very first time hunting ever and i was with my uncle. it was about 4:30 P.M and i had seen 16 does and fawns but i didnt have a doe permit. i had also seen 2 bucks fighting about 300 yrds. away. well out of my shotguns range. finally a small7 point walked by about 45 yrds. away I shot him and he died 15 yrds. from where i shot him.
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Default RE: Favorite Moments

Mine involves my 10 year old daughter. She got her first deer (a nice 9 pointer) this year on the youth hunt. It was her first year hunting. We where hunting on the ground and she shot him about 50 yards. I was so nervous that I could hardly talk. I've killed some big bucks but this one means more to me than any of them. She said what she likes most about hunting is the time we get to spend together in the outdoors. I got to go now...I got something in my eye.
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