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Moments you live for

Old 12-16-2005, 06:42 AM
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Default RE: Moments you live for

One thing that always gets my blood pumping is sitting in the woods when it is perfectly quiet and hearing a branch snap in the near distance. Of all the things great about deer hunting, that is the one thing that always comes to mind.
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Default RE: Moments you live for

1. Getting out in the frigid cold morning
2. Sitting in an ice covered stand
3. Viewing stars, nebulas, and planets through my binocs
4. Watching that big buck chase a doe in
5. Shaking like a son of a gun
6. Dropping a deer down like a sack of potatoes
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Default RE: Moments you live for

I posted this several months back on tha archery forum. I think it fit's here too.

The preparation through the summer in anticipation of that fist crisp day when the leaves start to show shades of orange and red.

The butterflies in my gut as the season approaches.

The drive to my "camp" where my brother, my dad and I all have met every fall for the past 20 years. The camp the we built, maintain and a place where I became best friends with my dad.

The old gate that keeps the road untraveled for most of the year and the big deep breath I take when I get out of my truck to unlock it. Peace? Therapy? Call it whatever you want, but it is a necessity in my life.

The camp sets behing some twenty year old pines that we drove over when we laid the first block and drove the first nail. Those same pines hide the camp and there branches now allow us to hang our deer in them.

The creek of the old front door and the familiar smell as I enter. On the wall are our stories, our bets won and our bets lost. There shadows cast a texture to the living room floors and walls. They are like old friends that remind us of days past and days to come.

The hum of the old cast iron wood burner. The crackle and poping as the woodbegins to provide warmth to my heart and to the camp.

The conversation and stories that are shared. The catching up that is done inside the camp walls and the building of family friendships and love and respect.

The long restless night prior to opening day and the awakening of the the old wind up clock and the smell of morning coffee.

The cool morning air and the sunrise that greets me and the woods. The shadows that play tricks on my eyes every year as the sun hits the trees and the branches.

The hunt is almost secondary and if an animal is taken.....it's a bonus. Hunting means so much more to me than just the size of the horns. Money and a 150 class buck will not compromise what I enjoy......

Just basic thought from a basic "hunter".....................
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Default RE: Moments you live for

watching my 13 year old daughter sleep in our blind on youth day

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Default RE: Moments you live for

It is also exciting to hear the words of a 26 year old who thinks hunting isn't exciting at all. Then after the morning sit he sees two and says "DO YOU EVER GET EXCITED WHEN YOU SEE THEM!"

He still hasn't shot his first but he came close when he wasn't comfortable with the shot and didn't shoot. Maby next year!
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Default RE: Moments you live for

My favorite part is when you're sitting on stand as the daylight starts to creep in, and you can hear the woods around you, so alive in the darkness with rustling leaves, dewdrops falling, leaves fluttering to the ground, and acorns slapping the floor. It's wonderfully frustrating, because your imagination runs wild as you wonder whether that sound you just heard might be the trophy buck you're after, slinking away through the darkness.

Kinda weird, but my favorite part of the hunt is sitting in the dark, before the hunt even starts. The anticipation is so great, and you know that the hunt of your lifetime may be only 15 minutes away.Through all this ruckus, the last song that was playing on your car stereo somehow remains stuck in your head, and you keep singing along, but you don't even realize that you're doing it.

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Default RE: Moments you live for

Moments I Live For.......

(1) That dead silence just before the sun comes up.
(2) Having a couple of ducks fly within a few feet of your tower stand at
eye level.
(3) Having a squirell jump from a tree and land on yourboot and then
jump to the next tree.
(4) To have a small buck walk within 10 ft. of you while you are hunting
from the ground and then realize you are there.
(5) Hours and hours of scouting and searching for a stand location and
have it "pay off".
(6) Gobblers in the distance.
(7) Hearing something walking in the dry leaves and how your heart starts
pounding at the unknown.
(8) The crack of rifle at daybreak on a cold frosty morning, the bullet
cutting through the air and the sound that bullet makes when it slaps
the shoulder of a deer at 300 yards.
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Default RE: Moments you live for

...1. The minute you pick up your bow and clip on the release and you know that deer is yours
...2. The opening day of hunting season
...3.Hearing the rooster crowing off in the distance when your in the treestand
...4. Getting your hands on the deer you just shot and giving it a good look and thanking the lord
...I could go on for a long time here
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Default RE: Moments you live for

waking up with the woods........
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Default RE: Moments you live for


One more that I love:
-Feeling the pop-pop-pop of the perferated edge on your tag as you separate it from the main body, so you can attach it to the deer.
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