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Moments you live for

Old 12-14-2005, 04:47 AM
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Default RE: Moments you live for

-sitting in class and the only thing your studying is you newest
hunting magazine
-the morning frost glittering in your flashlight on the way to you stand
-spoting anything with fur and your heart jumps
-getting a deer after many hard hours hunting
-sound of a squirrel when it hits the ground and you know how good
the stew is going to be
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Default RE: Moments you live for


I may be old fashioned, but I live for these great moments:

1) Stopping on the way to my stand to admire the stars for a minute
2) The moment I decide "He's a shooter."
3) Catching my breath after dragging my buck out by myself
4) Sharing stories with other hunters at the check-in station
5) Kicking back and relaxing after cleaning and butchering my own deer

I agree with all of that but number 3 ... I stop and get my breath after my son drags out my buck ;&gt)

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Default RE: Moments you live for

I agree with every one of them.

I would also add this, being with your neice, nephew, relative, when they take their first big one.

My neice harvested an awesome 8 point this year and I think that I was more proud of her than she was.
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Default RE: Moments you live for

Many good ones here. Most of which we all agree with, simply by definition - that of a deer hunter.

One of my many favorites: After sitting in a treestand for hours and sometimes days, THEN, hearing the shot of one of my sons or hunting buddies. THEN, listening to the radio to confirm the deer is indeed down.

(Notice I mentioned the shots of others, not myself. That's what it's all about. )
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Default RE: Moments you live for

Knowing that all those sleepless nights wondering how to get him have just paid off.
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Default RE: Moments you live for

Sitting next to your kids when they get their 1st deer. ( No matter how big or small it is.)
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Default RE: Moments you live for

1. Waking my son up and asking him do you want to go hunting or sleep in? He says "go hunting"
2.Seeing him sleep peacefully in a deer stand.. without a care in the world.
3. Watching his wide eyes when we see a deer.
4.The moment we walked up on his first deer he shot this year.
5. The prideI felt when he killed his first buck this year.. and even more when wesaw another buck and I ask him could he shoot it and he told me "No I have no shot"...
Guys thisbig guy is 6 yrs old.. I have been waiting on this year for 6years..I have yet to pull the trigger but it by far is the best season i have had...

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Default RE: Moments you live for

everything said is all good but what about when your dad says "Wow i so so proud of you son you got your first whitetail deer." i will always rember those words
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Default RE: Moments you live for

I would like to add two to this.
1. Seeing the expression on a kid's face when he is standing next to his first deer.
2. Sitting on the edge of a swamp in South Carolina before dawn and listening to the gobblers sound off (you may put this scene into your favorite location).
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Default RE: Moments you live for

Congrats woofer! Hopefully some day I'll have a kid of my own that I experience that with.....I still cherish the days with my dad when I got my first buck and first wild quail...will never forget that so I can only imagine when I see my kid do the same.
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