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dog will bite??

Old 12-10-2005, 10:54 PM
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Default dog will bite??

One of the spots where I hunt, the neighbors dog is lose. Its legal. Its a big bulldog and blind in one eye. It has ran at me while barking and growling and stopped after I stopped walking. If it ever came down to it, I wouldn't want to shoot the dog because it belongs to someone but when would I be in my rights to shoot it morally/legally/ethically? After it bites me? I don't want to shoot it too early when its not a threat.

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Default RE: dog will bite??

If you feel threatened, in my opinion there is nothing unethical or immoral about defending yourself. I have had problems in the past, mostly with dogs people take out and dump in the country that find their way to my house. Most of them are glad to see a friendly face, but a few are problems. The ones that are problems have to be dealt with, and this looks like the situation you are in. In only a few cases was the problem a neighbors dog. When it was a neighbors dog, I contacted the neighbor. Most took appropriate themselves.

If the dog is blind in one eye, his difficulty seeing may be part of his outward aggressiveness. Many times, when a dog is acting agressive, it is more out of fear than anything. I have never been bitten by a dog, although there have been several close calls. I find turning and facing them to work well. If they know your not afraid of them, they will be a little more respectful of you.
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Default RE: dog will bite??

"the neighbors dog is lose. Its legal"

leagally: you answered your own question
Morally: depends on what your morals are, i would kill it if i thought it would try toattack me.
ethically: same as above.

Dont shoot it unless you know for sure its going to attack you. although idont thinkyou will have any confrontation with the dog or you will even see it.
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Old 12-11-2005, 05:48 AM
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Default RE: dog will bite??

In the case of it comming close to attack you, I'd say that you'd be justified shooting it! To me, its just like with humans, we can argue all we want, but when it comes down to touching, I'm going to get serious!
You just have to make a judgement call on how serious the dog is, and how close your going to let him get! Me, I'm gonna shoot him BEFOREI get bit if at all possible!
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Default RE: dog will bite??

Have you tried to talk with the owner ..explain the problem and reason with him ..I would do that first ..it may not work but then if you did have to dispatch the pooch you would have a clear conscience ... I have the same problem in Tennessee ..but I doubt I will ever shoot the dogs ..just don't have the heart !


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Old 12-11-2005, 06:01 AM
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Default RE: dog will bite??

Talk to the dogs owner and then call your wildlife service and tell them that a wild dog is in the woods where you hunt and it keeps attacking you. they may go shoot it for you.
Here in maryland all dogs are suppose to be in a fenced in yard or on a leash. Running loose is not legal here.
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Default RE: dog will bite??

I was squirrel hunting once in Maryland. While I wa sitting under an oak tree I notived a doberman running broadside about 20 yds away. He stopped looked at me and began running right at me. I aimed my 12 guage single shot gun right at him. And with a load of high brass #6s I shot him in the face. He did an about face and left quickly. So yeah...if it's you or the dog...do what ya gotta do.
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Default RE: dog will bite??

i know something about dogs having a rottweiler and a South African Boerboel. The dog behaviour you described is purely protective behaviour. The dog warns you that you are on his turf (he sees it like that) and that you have to leave.
The dog knows that when he warns you, you walk away. He will not bite you if you walk pass him or away from him.
He will bite you if you drive him in a corner, or you make any aggressive behaviour to him. Looking at a dog is considered an agressive behaviour. The fact that he is very vocal and stops his mock attack shows that he has no intention on biting you.
My Boerboel is very well trained but has an enormous protective instinct. She will bark to warn people to stay away, but if she bites she lunges out and snaps in silence.
She will also give a snap before giving a full bite.
So my guess is that the dog just reacts to the fact that you are on his turf, if you show him you are not a threat he will growl and mumble but will eventually leave you alone.
Visit the place often, talk to the owner, give him a doggy biscuit. This will tell the dog that you are not a threat and he will accept you on his turf.

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Default RE: dog will bite??

Bring him some treats and try to get him to like you! I had to do that once, i was so scared of that dog and then i started giving it treats and he was fine with me. If he trys to attack you then by all means shoot him.
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Default RE: dog will bite??

Of course there is always plan b. The hunters way, shoot it, gut it, skin it and grill it.
Just cut the head and paws off and tell your buds it was a very small deer and it looked bigger from your stand.
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Quick Reply: dog will bite??

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