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 is there really a name for this?? >

is there really a name for this??

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is there really a name for this??

Old 11-30-2005, 06:26 PM
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Default is there really a name for this??

I went out today to a patch of really thick stuff that I have had good sucess in in the past few years. to make a LONG story short, I saw a buck I have been hunting all season. I still hunted in and had him and two lady friends at about 35 yds. they were upwind. the buck (a good eight) is quartering to me when I shoot my 243 with 100gr sierra game king. he doesn't move, neither do the does. I shoot again and he all but falls flat on his face. I start trailing and find lung blood, but moreover, muscle blood with pieces of meat in it. I trail him for a good 200 yds through this cover to a bed. yes, I know what you are all thinking. I should've backed off earlier. I hear something move and cross the road. I have a buddy push that cover to me about a half hour later(that is the soonest he was available) to no avail. on our way out, we find a disturbed trail and a bit of blood. we follow that trail but with no blood to where the woods open up near a stream. there are two bedding areas withinn 300 yds of where we lost the trail. all told, this was about a 500 yd tracking job. I also found bone in a few spots. I believe that I have a brisket shot (from flinching or something, god knows). any thoughts on this? this doesn't happen to me and I am torn up beyond belief. I am calling out of work and going to look again tomorrow around first light. I did run a brush and patch down the barrel of the gun last night. I wonder if this had anything to do with the guns accuracy? I am going to the range tomorrow. I'm going to search high and low. I ran out of light tonight. any help would be appreciated.
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Old 11-30-2005, 06:42 PM
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Default RE: is there really a name for this??

sorry to hear that...hope you find him...maybe you hit the brush or something?? maybe the gun IS off....who knows...i think i hit a doe in the same place....never found her i duno....flintlock....i didnt see ANY of the twigs in the way before i shot....when i got up to see if i hit heri was shocked at how thick it really was.....looked like wide open woods....but its a oak stand..the leaves were thick and down below the scrub oak trees and small limbs ect were bare and VERY VERY dark...no sunlight gets down from the sky because the canopy is so thick...i wish i woulda seen all the crap in the way....but at the shot i found blood...brisket hair and muscle blood....never found her....i gave her a while when i got turned around i nthe thicket when the trail dried up....then was leaving to get dad and found blood crossing an ATV trail..found a bed...but she was gone already and i didnt kick her out...searched for till dark....and all the next day..hung up the flintlock and just combed the area high low and all over......nothing...nada.....did find a deer someone else lost...so i know i was looking in the right places...i dont think that deer ever died....if it did it was a long time later...weeks later.......saw a deer hit monday with a small caliber rifle by a kid....hit was above the lungs...below the spine....deer was acting hurt but didnt seem like it was dying any time soon...i saw the shot..the kid went to get up and chase after it...i told him to sit tight wed find it....his dad was up the hill and the deer was acting sore but not anything bad...and laid down to lick the wound when his dad finished it off.....i dont know if it would have died.....from the dads description the deer seemed fine..just sore...i heard about a void spot there but figured a high power rifle hit the shock will drop it when it shocks the spine....but i guess its possible...not sure on the kids caliber...shells were pretty small....my 3006 shells made them look like a toy bullet....i shoulda asked....bigger then a 223...but didnt look like a 30cal......maybe 243..i dont know...it was small and didnt make much noise
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Old 11-30-2005, 06:50 PM
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Default RE: is there really a name for this??

Yes, you should of backed off after you marked the start of his blood trail! Obviosly your a bow hunter so you should know this. I shot a buck in the brisket, barley nicking his front, he ran about 75 yards and died though. It was with a 50 cal. black powder, a nice big slow bullet. Keep hunting the same area and he'll turn up, it's cold enough for him to last a while!Good Luck!!
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Old 11-30-2005, 06:53 PM
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Default RE: is there really a name for this??

If you found bone pieces and lung blood I think you'll find him, just grid search the whole area, and bring a few friends if you can. And you are correcct, you should have backed out and waited longer. Good luck, hope you get 'em!
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