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Default is there really a name for this??

I went out today to a patch of really thick stuff that I have had good sucess in in the past few years. to make a LONG story short, I saw a buck I have been hunting all season. I still hunted in and had him and two lady friends at about 35 yds. they were upwind. the buck (a good eight) is quartering to me when I shoot my 243 with 100gr sierra game king. he doesn't move, neither do the does. I shoot again and he all but falls flat on his face. I start trailing and find lung blood, but moreover, muscle blood with pieces of meat in it. I trail him for a good 200 yds through this cover to a bed. yes, I know what you are all thinking. I should've backed off earlier. I hear something move and cross the road. I have a buddy push that cover to me about a half hour later(that is the soonest he was available) to no avail. on our way out, we find a disturbed trail and a bit of blood. we follow that trail but with no blood to where the woods open up near a stream. there are two bedding areas withinn 300 yds of where we lost the trail. all told, this was about a 500 yd tracking job. I also found bone in a few spots. I believe that I have a brisket shot (from flinching or something, god knows). any thoughts on this? this doesn't happen to me and I am torn up beyond belief. I am calling out of work and going to look again tomorrow around first light. I did run a brush and patch down the barrel of the gun last night. I wonder if this had anything to do with the guns accuracy? I am going to the range tomorrow. I'm going to search high and low. I ran out of light tonight. any help would be appreciated.
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