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longest shot with 300 win mag

Old 11-21-2005, 06:03 PM
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Default longest shot with 300 win mag

whats the longest shot you guyz have made on game or on paper with a 300 win mag.
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Default RE: longest shot with 300 win mag

i have seen my buddy take one at a little over 500 yards with his 300 winmag, and dropped it in his tracks..
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Default RE: longest shot with 300 win mag

I personally think you should limit yourselves to within 300 yards. Are you hunting or just trying to impress others with your shooting ability? MV out!
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Default RE: longest shot with 300 win mag

I shoota 7mm Rem. mag and the longest i have ever shot one is between 380 and 390. Somewhere between that.
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Old 10-23-2012, 01:32 AM
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the longest shot i have taken with my 300 win mag was at 475yds. my old mans longest shot was at 450yds with a 7mm mag.
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Paper = 100 yards

Game = 50 yards.

I hunt in PA, not out west.
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I phones Barnes and talked to Ty Herring, said a 3006 is more than energy at 550yrds on deer with a 165 grain bullet..
300 mag even more..It's up to the shooter..
It's has more than enough energy and it has the ballistic capability to go 800-900 yards if a person is willing even further..
But it's up to the shooter to make it work for him..
This has nothing to do with what people think is ethical or not.
It has to do with longest shot..
My cousin shot a small bull moose maybe 450-500lbs with a 300 Win
Mag at 735 yards and dropped him..
But I've seen that same 300 Win mag take 3 shots on a B&C mule deer and that deer still need a 4 at under 3 hundred yards..
You can never ever underestimate the stamina of an animal.,
And the fact is deer have way more stamina when hit by bullets than Moose do.. That's a fact., moose when hit, don't move..
Deer and elk do.,
Know your animals and go from there..
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Originally Posted by PA rifleman
the longest shot i have taken with my 300 win mag was at 475yds. my old mans longest shot was at 450yds with a 7mm mag.
lol must be bored digging up graves and stuff lol
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The biggest drawback with the heavy magnums is that some folks that have them think that they can shoot into the next time zone and be effective. Too many variables. The cartridge may be more than capable to make the shot, but, is the shooter? The rifle may not be consistant enough to make the shot reliably. The 5 shots a year at the range shooter does not have the range time or experience to consider stretching the shot to the max. I have ran across many that tried and failed at a living creature, and then I put it down and shake my head and walk away. There are an elite few on this forum that have the ability to stretch the shot and with success. I have taken elk and deer at extreme ranges, and will not post yardages because I do not want to start a pissing contest. The only way that a person should even consider a hail Mary shot is if they have shot at extreme range target and are fully competent in their ability to make a solid hit on a living creature. That being said, I shoot paper out to 800 yards regularly and gophers and yotes at a loooooooooong ways away. BTW, my mule buck on the wall was lasered at 650 yards and I cut the heart in half.
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My uncle shot a deer at 450 with his 300 win mag, i personally shoot a 300 short mag i shot an elk 2 years ago at 550
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Quick Reply: longest shot with 300 win mag

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