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Close-Range Neck Shots

Old 11-16-2005, 05:20 PM
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Default Close-Range Neck Shots

Some people seem to be distraut with wethere to shoot a close range deer (within like 35 yards) with a gun, in the neck. I was wondering what you guys thought about neck shots....
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Default RE: Close-Range Neck Shots

I shot a Buck in the neck once. It was a nice 7 point and he was at about 5 yards. I had a muzzleloader and was hunting from a stand. A tree was blocking his vitals and he had just winded me. Although he was quaterting towards me, I shot him through the neck and the bullet came out behind the shoulder. So It was kind of a neck shot but went into the vitals. Needless to say the dropped in its tracks.
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Old 11-16-2005, 05:52 PM
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Default RE: Close-Range Neck Shots

I have seen three deer that were hit in the neck that dropped at the shot but got back up to run off.One was found dead after a tracking job but the other two had to be shot a second time.Shots close to the vertebrae often stun a game animal but are not always immediately if at allfatal.The heart lung area is a far bigger target that allows for more shooting error while still providing a quick clean kill.
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Default RE: Close-Range Neck Shots

From 0- 100 yds my shots will always be to the neck. Most all my kills are to the neck. Took one this year at 15 yds with a .22 hornet, dropped him like a ton of bricks. Why would a neck shot a close range be a bad thing ? To me close range would warrant a neck shot.
Oh, i also took a doe at 65 yds this year with a shot to the neck from my .22 hornet, again she was dead before she hit the ground. That little hornet is devestating. it aint no rabbitt gun, I know,I shot two and it looked like they were terrorist suicide bombers. LOL nothing but a scrap of meat and skin. No more rabbitts with it.
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Default RE: Close-Range Neck Shots

I've herd that neck shots have a high probability of damaging the spinal cord. this should lead to paralysis or death. but u always here of that story of the deer that wouldn't die. my mom and her boyfriend go to this party called the deer and beer party. everyone brings their mounts and eat, drink, dance so on. there was this nice 170+ score non-typical on the wall. shot by a teenager in Wyoming, New York. he tells the story and when it was all said and done, ten shots had been fired. 5 were hits, 1 to the face, 1 i believe to the guts and the other 3 to the chest. if i remember correctly the deer took three shots before he slowed down. deer a tough sons of bit#*es ain't they. anyway i would take a neck shot but only of i didn't have a chest shot. this year I'm hunting with some lightfield 3" sabots. i think they push 465 grains at 1800 ft/sec. OOOOOOOOOOOOH I CANT WAIT TO SEE WHAT IT DOES TO TISSUE.good luck to all and hunt safe.

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Default RE: Close-Range Neck Shots

i like neck shots on close range. they're devistating if you know where to shoot and can shoot accurately. if you shoot about midneck you have a very very good chance of hitting the spinal cord. if not the shock of the bullet hiting should be enough to destroy the jugular, esophagaus, and mosly likely the spinal column.
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Default RE: Close-Range Neck Shots

I don't see anything wrong with the neck shot at close range. In fact, close range (under 50 yards) you should have the best results with neck shots due to your bullets blowing up at high speeds, causing a huge amount of damage. You shouldn't worry about penetration too much. There is only one bone in there and that is what you are looking to hit anyway lol.
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Default RE: Close-Range Neck Shots

Imyself like neck shots but you have to make sure you hit them good so they dont suffer...
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Default RE: Close-Range Neck Shots

What part of the neck are you supposed to aim at then?
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Default RE: Close-Range Neck Shots

I suck, so Idont shot for the neck thatoften.On my biggest deer to date (125 9point) I only had a straight on shot so I shot. I aimed for thewhite spot on the neck, he droped in right there.This shot was at 60 yards, I wouldent do it any further out. I shoot open sites.
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