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Default RE: Best caliber for under 100 yards ?

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308,30.06,300 win mag , 270,243 or 30.30 are only as good as the man holding the gun, shot placement is everything.

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Good point.

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Default RE: Best caliber for under 100 yards ?

I used to hunt with a 30'06 and a 270 Win.Both of them are permantly retired to the rack,during hunting season,because,now, my shooting range will be limited to 100 yards.My rifle of choice is the same as yours;the 30/30 Win.
If you want a little more Pizzaz,go up to the 300 Savage or the 30/40 Krag.They will give you a little more confidense with moving targets or bad angle targets.
I'm assuming that you re hunting Whitetails.If you are after Moose Elk,etc,then go for the big guns.
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Default RE: Best caliber for under 100 yards ?

I'm itching to get me a .30-30 now. Went hunting tonight and dropped one on the spot with my trusty Savage .270 with Federal Sierra Gamekings. Shot was right at 100 yds. Folded up like a duck landing on water. All my hunting is at 100-150 yds. or less and I'll never take a shot at over 200 if the chance ever arose. I don't plan on hunting big elk, bear or others in the size range. A .270 is all you'll ever need. Shot placement is a must, thus the need for a good scope. I'd love to have a Marlin .30-30 to take with me. The history speaks for itself, it would do all I need, ammo is cheap, you have ammo options and you can throw on the back seat and go. The 3 guns a man should not live without and should at least have is a .22, a shotgun and a .30-30. I'm behind.
Stick with the .30-30 or get a .270 to compliment it, not replace it.

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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: Best caliber for under 100 yards ?

Uuhhhh, Wrong forum. There is a gun forum.
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Default RE: Best caliber for under 100 yards ?

You are in the ideal situation to hunt with my weapon of choice...12 guage slug gun. Talk about KNOCK DOWN POWER. I have a Rem 870 with a rifled barrel and open sights. Easy 3&quot; groups at 100-150 yards but, like you, I rarely have a shot of more than 50 or 60 yds where I hunt...just too thick and hilly. I have taken several deer with it and every one was a single shot and the animal went down in his tracks...like a piano was dropped on him.
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Default RE: Best caliber for under 100 yards ?

I love the 30-06 pump with 150grain core-lokt bullets, puts em down.

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Default RE: Best caliber for under 100 yards ?

50 yard shots ? .444 marlin

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