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Default RE: Best caliber for under 100 yards ?

I am not usually a fan of the 30-30, but for 100 yards and under it is as good as any! Other than that if you just NEED a new gun, anything from .243 on up to and including magnums! Take your pick! The 7MM-08, .308, .270 and 30-06 are probably the most common, so bullets should be readily available. Good luck!
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Default RE: Best caliber for under 100 yards ?

30-30 with flat nose bullets... they drop EVERY deer out there within 100-150 yards....
no questions about it. I've had to track deer shot with a .300 magnum, but they never seem to go anywhere when shot with a flat nose 30-30....

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Hello everyone. I have been coming to this board for several weeks now , and I have been amazed at the wealth of knowledge that is posted here daily. I am hoping to benefit from some of your past experiances and advice now and in the future. Alright , on to my question ....I have been hunting with the same Marlin 30-30 for the past 15 years and I've made up my mind to upgrade to a newer , stronger rifle. All of the areas I hunt only offer shots under 100 yds , and more than likely , less than 50 yds . I don't want/need a a rifle capable of shooting 1000 yds, but I would like something that has a little more knockdown than my 30-30. Also , if you do know of a particular caliber that would be good for my situation , what grain bullet would you recommend ?

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Default [Deleted]

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Default RE: Best caliber for under 100 yards ?

For the ranges your talking about the 30/30 is a proven rifle. But if you want better knock down power you should try another Marlin in 45/70 or 444.

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Default RE: Best caliber for under 100 yards ?

First of all, I believe your current 30-30 rifle is more than capable of killing ANY deer that walks the face of the earth within 100yds! This even includes the MONSTER BUCKS, both here in America and Canada!

I guess its better to have the itch for a new rifle as opposed to a new wife hehehe. Since this is case, I will offer the following for what it's worth. Since there are so many calibers that would do the job for you at the marginal distance of 100yds, I will offer only those which have served my friends and I so well over the years.

My favorite short-action calibers are:
1. 308 Winchester (150 or 165gr bullets)
2. 7mm-08 Remington (140-150gr bullets)

My favorite long-action calibers are:
1. 30-06 Spfd. (165, 150, 180gr bullets)
2. 7mm Remington Magnum (150 or 160gr bullets)
3. 280 Remington (140 to 160gr bullets)
4. 270 Winchester (130, 140 or 150gr bullets)

Any of these will do the job especially if you find an accurate load and place the shot in the right spot (I prefer my shot just behind the shoulder).

Isn't great to have so many calibers to choose from and so little time-gee havn't we heard that saying before about women lol.

Remember just like women, if you find &quot;good shooting one&quot; you better hang on to it.

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Default RE: Best caliber for under 100 yards ?

With all due respect....any long range rifle that is effective, will also be effective at short range. A 7mm ultra mag will kill at 400+ yards and it will also kill at 50 yards.

I would ditch the 30-30. It is a weak caliber (banned in some areas because it does not have the power-energy). Ya ya I know the 30-30 has taken a lot of bear and dear but there are many better choices today. The native people in Alaska have taken polar bears with nothing more than 22's and have done very well doing it. However, there are many better choices out there. Lets look at them.

243, 6mm.....They are what I would consider the minimum caliber (and energy level) to take a deer with. Some guys swear by them. Shot placement is a must and you should keep your shots somewhat short. Low recoil is a plus. Good for small game as well.

25-06....This is what I actually use for my smallest caliber on deer. Flat shooting. Has more than enough power. Good varmint rig. The muzzle blast is louder than the 243. I just feel better with a 25-06 than a 243. However I feel there is a better choice than this round.

7mm-08....Has a very loyal following. Highly accurate. Fun to shoot. Plenty of take down power. Kick is still pretty low.

270......This has to be one of the best rounds around for deer. With factory ammo it can match or surpass what the 25-06 can do with a lot more energy. Now we are getting up into the recoil range for some shooters. Most guys can handle a 270 with no problem though.

308.....awsome round. It was created because the military wanted a smaller round than the 30-06 but would match the 30-06 in performance. It comes very close to the 30-06 with a lot less kick. Highly accurate round. The snipers in the military used them (and still do) for many years. I had one that was highly accurate and I regret having sold it. It is a deer killing machine and still, in my opinion, very nice to shoot.

30-06.....This round is the stuff of legend. It is the best round of the last century. It is kind of big for small game but will do in a pinch. It will also kill something as big as a grizz with shot placement. Although I would suggest something bigger for a grizz if you can handle it. The 30-06 is at the upper limits of what most guys can shoot with relative comfort. It kicks and it lets you know it. Lots of power. It comes somewhat close to the 300 win mag in performance. The 300 win has the advantage at long range.

7mm.....A great round. There are a lot of 7mm out there. 7mm, 7mm mag, 7mm rem ultra mag. More than enough for your average deer. A great elk round. A bit of over kill for your average deer at short range. But dead is dead.

300 win mag.....If you like to cut your butter with a chain saw then the 300 win mag for your average deer is for you. It should be able to go from the rear end of the deer all the way through the chest area and beyond. Good for out west where the shots are long.

NOTE: There are many fine rounds that I left out. Sorry but these are the ones that come to mind. SHOT PLACEMENT IS EVERYTHING.

The rifles that I own are:
22 ............plinking, small game
22-250.........target shooting, small game
25-06..........small game, deer
270............small game, deer, small bear
30-06 .........deer, small bear, elk
375 H & H mag..anything bigger than deer in USA or Canada.

There are many light weight rifles out there. Check them out. Some come in at 6lbs or less. They are nothing to carry around and if you get them in the right caliber they can be deadly.


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Default RE: Best caliber for under 100 yards ?

Hey Tiff , where has the 30/30 been banned?
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Default RE: Best caliber for under 100 yards ?

Mine is a 35 Whelen. Somewhat hard to find Ammo butbrutally effective at the ranges you are speaking of and as a bonus it seems to be &quot;geared&quot; perfect as it doesn't do a lot of damage to the meat. I read an article years ago before I bought mine and someone said they thought it was the best deer caliber out there as it would put a half-dollar wound channel right through the deer and you could eat the meat right up to the edge. I found out after comparing my kill with a freinds that that wasn't to far from the truth as his was shot with a 300 mag and the entry hole looked like a pin hole and the exit hole, well you could fit your fist in there. Then there was mine, looked like the deer had been impaled on 3/4&quot; rebar. I was very impressed!
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Default RE: Best caliber for under 100 yards ?

Someone please tell those 20+ deer in WV that never got away and dropped on the spot or within 20 yds years ago they were killed with a .222 Savage. Thanks. Just my two cents.
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Default RE: Best caliber for under 100 yards ?

Funny how them 7 mag boys get to frothing at the mouth talking about their blowholers. My favorite factory load is Remingtons 150 grain core lokt. I have had fast kills on Texas deer and hogs over 200 pounds with this load. I put together a reload that hits to the same point of impact with Hornady's 150 grain RN on top of 30 grains of 3031 and I'd like to say it performs better but it does just fine. You might get quicker kills if you put a peep sight on the ole 30-30, this will greatly improve accuracy.
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