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how hard..?

Old 11-08-2005, 09:08 PM
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Default how hard..?

i kinda really want a deer hide tanned to tack on my wall....my new room is going to be awesome....i got a fish and a squirrel at the taxidermist....and all the mounts i did myself to go on the walls.....im pumped.....the mounts should be done when the room is done at the new house...i dont care that its not done...im at college...but....i think a deer hide would look AWESOME on the wall......just tacked up there....or rugged out....i never butchered my own deer...but i can skin one im sure.....i used to skin squirrels and coons and such....and can do that no problem.....and i did it like youd do a deer.....first question.....i think ill rug it out and tack it on the wall.....so gutting the deer wont effect it much right? ill split the whole belly anyways......?..will a butcher take a deer without a hide? lol.....i know one of the butchers around wont butcher deer that arent skinned and quartered.....how hard is it to quarter them? dad used to butcher his own...so he could help right???how hard is tanning?? it dont have to be too perfect......just so the hair dont fall out and the skin dont rot.......what do i need to do all this??? how hard would it be?? thanx alot guys......i think that would be pretty neat......and deer hides are easy to come by...and its kinda rare to see one done like that....
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Old 11-08-2005, 11:42 PM
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Default RE: how hard..?

Gut the deer as you usually would.
I dont know any butchers that would refuse a deer that has been skinned. Just take a tarp with you so that once you skin your deer you dont get dirt in the meat.
Get a taxidermist to tan your hide. You can do it, unprofessionally without chemicals, but i do not know how.
It should be very inexpensive to just tan a deer hide thru your taxidermist.
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Old 11-09-2005, 01:30 AM
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Default RE: how hard..?

i rather tan it myself....i dont think itll be TOO hard....and ive heard of pretty steep prices for tanning hides....100+ easy.....i dont need that....its going to be rugged and tacked to the wall hair side out....i just need to keep the hair from slipping.....ill look at some taxidermy suppliers...i remember seeing tanning formulas ect....i dont need it to be leather quality or anything....just so it dont rot or smell or anything...and keeps the hair from slipping....i dont know if a butcher here will take a whole deer without a hide...i may have to quarter it.....ill look into that...thats no biggie.......i could even just get the hide from them...but they charge for that.....and its a decint charge......and like i said...i love doing things myself.....anyone use them tanning formulas?? how hard are they to work with?? what about the....good ole fashioned...brain tanning?? im going to look into some stuff......id actually like to make a possibles bag from deer hide......and maybe some other stuff...hmmm got me thinkin now!! i think ill be keeping ALL my deer hides lol.....possibles bag couldnt be toooo hard...tan it all into leather.....cut the pattern....sew it up with cut strips.....hmmm im going to do some reading...anyone do anything like this..tanning hair on...and now hair off.....info is appriciated....why didnt i think of this before?? its probably going to be harder then i think lol
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Old 11-09-2005, 05:50 AM
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Default RE: how hard..?

I would just go to the deer prosser and talk to them.

If you ask them they probbly would save the hide for you.
They might even tan it for you at a good price since he will be
Buchering it for you.

I have seen the kits you need to tan a hide and the
Cost of the kit plus all the things you need might be
More than you want to pay for just one tanned hide.

What Ever You Do Good Luck
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Old 11-09-2005, 02:39 PM
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Default RE: how hard..?

the butchers around here are messy when skinning....and beat the hides up pretty good......just basically rip them off.....chop heads offwith axes ect......and they actually sell the hides.....and lower the prices a tad since they sell our hides.......i cant see it being all to hard to skin a deer.......and i was looking at kits and they arent that much.....and i know people that have fleshing tools and the whole 9yds....and i can get by without...just but trimming off the fat and such....it dont have to turn out to be nice leather.....its getting tacked to the wall.......ill look into it....
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