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Don't know what to do...

Old 11-09-2005, 10:33 AM
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Default RE: Don't know what to do...

Sounds like you are friendly with the folks that run the place. Ask them if you can display a head there. Nobody can argue with a quality mount right there for them to look at.

You can ask the guy just what his problem is with you if you want, but it probably won't get you anywhere.
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Old 11-09-2005, 10:50 AM
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Default RE: Don't know what to do...

Your mounts looked good to me. Just keep trying and you will do well. Good luck.
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Old 11-09-2005, 11:04 AM
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Default RE: Don't know what to do...

The non-confrontational approach is to simply ignore him and let the quality of your work speak for you. Like the others have suggested, try advertising via flyers that contain testimonials.

However, please be aware that his spoken statements might be legally actionable. It sounds like you might have a case for "defamation of character". Simply put, defamation of character is spoken or written words that falsely and negatively reflect on a living person's reputation. If a person says something about you that is understood to lower your reputation, or that keeps people from associating with you, defamation has occurred (slander is spoken, libel is written). In order to prove defamation, you have to be able to prove that what was said or written about you was false. You may also bring a defamatory action if the comments are so reprehensible and false that they effect your reputation in the community or cast aspersions on you.

Doing all this is a hassle, as you have to collect witness statements and waste your time meeting with attorneys and go to court for God-knows how many times and how long. However, if this is affecting your livelyhood, it just might be worth it.

You might want to talk to this guy in a calm manner, and explain to him that you don't care if he doesn't like you, and you don't know and don't care what kind of beef he has with you, but because his false statements are affecting your reputation and your livelyhood, you will consult an attorney if he does not stop.
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Old 11-09-2005, 03:13 PM
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Default RE: Don't know what to do...

WOW, really nice work. I'm impressed! I hope someday I can have something nice mounted by you.
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Old 11-10-2005, 08:35 PM
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Default RE: Don't know what to do...

Nice work, I say just keep up the good work and it will speak for itself.
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Old 11-10-2005, 10:31 PM
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Default RE: Don't know what to do...

Is it possible that this processor will let you post an advertisement along with pics of previous works? If the "other" guy doesn't rip it down, then maybe more people would at least visit your shop, based on the pics, and then get a true understanding of what your work looks like.....thus, giving you more business. Just my $.02
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Old 11-10-2005, 11:14 PM
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Default RE: Don't know what to do...

i wouldnt worry about it much...just get your work out there...and get your please customers tospread the good word....and i agree....sporting good shops...gunshops...butchers ect would be a good place for you to possible show off mounts...make a little plaque or something with your name...makes their shops look nice...and gets your name out....my taxidermist is having trouble getting his word out....hes EXCELLENT....he keeps his prices low...and does excellent work...he treats each piece as if it was going to be in a competition....he rambled on to me for a good hour about detail....and showing me things wrong with other mounts from other guys ect...he knows his stuff....just alottttt of competition around here and guys dont know about him...i meet him on a diffrent forum...id definently ask the butcher shop owners if you could display a mount or 2 there.......your webpage looks good....time will build your business....just dont let bad mounts get out....and keep your customers happy.....go win an award or 2....and show it off lol......good luck.....i wouldnt worry about one guy...but id definetly work hard to get my work known... heck.. my local dic!s sporting goods store has a bunch of mounts displayed done by a local taxidermist...you replied to my post on the taxidermy forum...SAME GUY......hes getting ALOT of business from that alone i bet.....he got his name on a old looking piece of wood in big black letters.....
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Old 11-11-2005, 12:12 AM
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Default RE: Don't know what to do...

Congrats on the beautiful taxidermy work!! Your work speaks for itself. Maybe try advertising in your local new paper. There always seems to be hunting sectionsthat could list your name and internet site. I would ignore the fellow at the butcher shop. He obviously must be getting somekind ofkickback to send prospective clients to the other taxidermy. Good Luck!!
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Old 11-11-2005, 06:32 AM
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Default RE: Don't know what to do...

Well Michele let me start off with one of my first thoughts. You're kinda hot and he's upset cause he doesn't stand a chance with you so he puts you "on the other side of the fence". He's more and more upset because he sees you communicating with this other skinner in a meaningful manner and he is anable to enjoy the same. I would bet he is generally a negative (Bad vibe) sort of person. He has "issues", one of which is probobly jealousy. He's making $5 or $10 a skin and that's it, his job is done (how much pride in a good skinning?) You're making much more money and he knows folks will respect/appreciate your work. Maybe right - maybe not.

But what he is doing is indeed slanderous. Short of legal action you might want to speak to his boss and let him know you're hearing from folks that he undeservedly speaks with an evil tongue about you at their workplace. "On the clock" he is an agent and representative of their business. Maybe they'll tell him to grow up or get out.

I'll end with this........

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Old 11-11-2005, 06:40 AM
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Default RE: Don't know what to do...

I think the first thing I would do would be to get eye ball to eye ball with this guy and find out why he has a hard on with you ... maybe if you just have a talk you will find out it might just be a misunderstanding on his part ... I mean it HAS to be SOMETHING that has made him dislike you ... if it where me and I knew I had done nothing to piss him off I would want to know what his beef is...maybe there is someone ELSE in the shop that has told him something about you or maybe his buddy the Taxi has talked bad about you to him ..discuss it like two adult males ... Im sure you guys can work this out between yourself .... good luck

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